WordPress Mailing List Plugin v3.6.4

A new version of the WordPress Mailing List Plugin is available with several new features and improvements.

There are two new, important and useful features which have been implemented (explained below).

The first feature is the integration of the WordPress media library with the WYSIWYG editor of the WordPress Mailing List plugin. With the media library, you can quickly upload images, videos, etc and insert them into your newsletters/templates.

The second feature is the ability to save custom dynamic fields for subscribers in the administration panel of the plugin. When you create/edit a subscriber you can save custom field values for the subscriber and use them in your newsletters later on.

Apart from these two features mentioned above, several other improvements, fixes and features have been applied to ensure that you have a pleasant experience with the software and that it is as usable as possible.

Be sure to go and see the change log for a full list of changes which have been made in this latest release.

Existent WordPress Mailing List plugin users may download this latest release from the downloads management section right now. In case you are upgrading, simply upload the “wp-mailinglist” folder to your “wp-content/plugins” folder and overwrite all previous plugin files.

Enjoy the new release and please feel free to send us a message if you have any questions, suggestions or requests. We are looking forward to hearing from you!

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