WordPress Mailing List Plugin v3.6.7

I’m glad to enthusiastically announce a WordPress 2.7 (only) compatible mailing list plugin. The previous version of the plugin did work on WordPress 2.7 but there were several minor issues specifically related to CSS and the layout of the administration panel and the visual mode of the WYSIWYG editor was broken due to WordPress 2.7. Apart from realising a newsletter plugin that is WP 2.7 compatible, it has some new features and many other usability improvements to the interface. See the WordPress mailing list plugin v3.6.7 release notes for a list of all the changes which have been made. Below are some of the highlights in this release.

Please note that this version of the mailing list plugin is not compatible with versions of WordPress earlier than 2.7. If you are going to be using an earlier version of WordPress, please stick with v3.6.6 of the mailing list plugin or you’ll experience problems with the interface of the plugin in the administration panel.

WordPress 2.7 Integration

Unfortunately WordPress 2.7 broke the visual mode of the WYSIWYG editor of v3.6.6 of the plugin. This problem has been sorted out and the Tiny MCE editor in the plugin works perfectly fine with WordPress 2.7 now. Additionally, many interface changes and improvements have been made to the plugin in order to integrate better into the new WordPress administration panel. A feature you will notice is the draggable meta boxes such as in the “Send” section. You can drag the boxes around, open them, close them, etc. and their positions (and open/closed status) will be saved automatically for the next time you go back to the screen.

GoDaddy Compatible Newsletter Plugin

Are you hosting a WordPress blog with GoDaddy and you need to use the newsletter plugin? This mailing list plugin is now compatible with GoDaddy hosting accounts. Why wasn’t it before? Because the plugin requirements state that it needs socket connections enabled on your server in order to send out emails. GoDaddy doesn’t support socket connections at all. When you run this plugin on a GoDaddy hosting account, you’ll need to use the PHP mail function and turn Off socket connections. This can be done in the “Settings” section.

Newsletters RSS Feed Fixes

In the past, there were many users whom faced issues with the plugin taking down their WordPress site upon activation. The cause of this issue was directly related to conflicts with 3rd party plugins which created a fatal error, preventing further execution of the page. A known plugin in conflict is the famous Simple Tags plugin. The solution to this problem is that a configuration setting has been implemented into the “Settings” section of the plugin which allows you to turn On/Off the newsletters RSS feed. If you’re going to use Simple Tags, please turn the newsletters RSS feed off. By default, it will be switched Off. Additionally, there was a minor bug which prevented the newsletters feed from showing due to a problem with the XML structured data under certain configurations. It should be more reliable now.

Save Newsletter Drafts

In the “Send” section of the plugin, you’ll notice a button to the left of the “Preview” button with the caption “Save Draft”. It allows you to save a draft of the newsletter you are working on so that you can continue working with it at a later stage. These drafts are saved to the “History/Drafts” section of the plugin. If you want to recover and continue with a draft, you can go to the “History/Drafts” section, click on the title/subject of the newsletter in question and then on its overview page click the “(Re)send” button to take it back to the “Send” section.

Enjoy the new release of the WordPress mailing list plugin and please feel free to contact us and send us your suggestions, questions and requests so that we can continue to improve the software package to your convenience. If you have already purchased this newsletter plugin, the update is free and you can obtain it from the downloads management section. In case you lost your Tribulant account password, you can reset your password at any time. Have a good one!

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  1. Arsalan on February 11, 2009

    From where can I download this plugin. I registered and went to download sections. It is empty.


    • Antonie Potgieter on February 13, 2009

      Hi Arsalan,

      Thank you for your message.
      Have you received your download?
      Which name, surname or email address did you use during checkout?
      I’d like to check for you.

      All the best,

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