WordPress Newsletter plugin v3.8.5

Don’t we just love new releases! We worked hard to add some most needed usability features to the WordPress Newsletter plugin. We present to you v3.8.5 with much excitement!

We delayed the release last week because we were investigating 2 issues which have been reported and we weren’t able to duplicate the issues. The one issue has been reported a few times while the other only by a single customer. Please see the known issues, if you have any information, please contact us.

Highlights for this release

In contrast to the bad news mentioned above, we have a feature packed release we need to talk about. For a detailed list of changes, please see the release notes. Here are the highlights of v3.8.5:

Bit.ly link shortening and click tracking

The integration with Bit.ly into your newsletters will provide you with the ability to let the plugin automatically shorten all links in your newsletters and track their clicks.

You can sign up for a Bit.ly account and fill the username/login and API key into the Configuration section of the plugin. You can then track shortened links in your Bit.ly account and see their click stats. Bit.ly is a free service, give it a go!

Security captcha image

Optionally, you may activate the security captcha image in the Configuration section of the plugin and individual sidebar widgets.

The Newsletter plugin makes use of the Really Simple Captcha plugin which is 3rd party and generates the captcha image on subscription forms. This will prevent spam by ensuring that your subscribers are… well… human.

As a requirement for this feature, install and activate the Really Simple Captcha plugin on your WordPress installation.

View individual history emails

Quite useful considering that you may want to see the individual emails sent through the plugin and their read/opened status. When you view a history email from the History/Drafts Section of the plugin, you’ll see the emails listed below the preview.

The History/Draft Section also now shows how many times a specific history item has been sent and to how many emails it has been sent in total. And by clicking on it’s title, you can see all the technical details.

Scripts load in the footer

As an attempt to improve the performance of your WordPress website, we moved the Javascript of the plugin to the footer of the theme.

It results in your pages loading quickly, opening in front of your users and loading the Javascript at the end of the page, making browsing quicker.

For additional performance on your WordPress website, please install and activate our WordPress Gzip compression plugin. Not all servers support Gzip compression through the ob_gzhandler output but if you are not sure, please consult your hosting provider.

Download v3.8.5 right now!

If you are an existing customer of the WordPress Newsletter plugin, please go to the downloads management section. You may need to login to your account first. If your updates expired, you can renew it and download immediately.

In case you haven’t purchased this amazing newsletter software yet, you can do that for an affordable price right now and get 10% OFF by using the coupon code “2011” (without quotes) when checking out. Your download will be available as you return back to our site after making a payment on the 2CheckOut gateway.

Enjoy the new release! If you have any questions or suggestions, please contact us.

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