WordPress Newsletter plugin v3.8.6

This long awaited release of the WordPress Newsletter plugin v3.8.6 is available for download right now! Get it while it’s still hot with many new features and major improvements!

This new release of the plugin includes great features such as autoresponders, improved qTranslate compatibility, custom fields conditions upon sending, major sending/queuing performance improvements and an astonishing new scheduled tasks section.

Read the full release notes for more information on all fixes and changes made before I tell you about some of the feature highlights:

New Feature Highlights


Fully automated autoresponders to create campaigns.

The new autoresponders is an efficient way of setting up a campaign of follow-up emails to your subscribers, each corresponding to specific lists with it’s own unique message and the sending delay of your choice.

Say you create a one week sending delay autoresponder attached to specific lists and someone subscribes to one (or more) of those lists, the subscriber will receive the autoresponder as an email one week later with it’s unique subject and message you specified.

Custom Fields Conditions

Send newsletters to mailing lists with custom fields criteria as conditions.

When writing a newsletter or draft in the “Create Newsletter” section of the plugin, you select the lists to send to and select ‘Fields Conditions’ in order to choose options on your existing select and radio button custom fields to specify conditions.

For example you may have a mailing list with both Male and Female (by custom field) subscribers on it and you want to send a broadcast to the Male subscribers only, you can use the fields conditions to distinguish between them and separate them in this manner.

Export History to CSV

Export all (and individual) history/draft emails to a CSV spreadsheet.

In the “History/Draft Emails” section of the plugin you can export all your history/draft emails to a CSV spreadsheet. Additionally, you can export the emails sent from an individual history email to a CSV spreadsheet as well.

Exporting to CSV is great for record keeping and for import/export procedures to manage your lists and keep track of what is going on with your broadcasts.

Scheduled Tasks

Keep track of running schedules and execute them when needed.

The “Scheduled Tasks” section can be found under Newsletters > Configuration and it shows the scheduled WordPress cron jobs from the plugin with all necessary details.

You can now keep track of all scheduled WordPress cron jobs through the plugin by checking when they will be executed next and even execute them at any time when needed.

Get Newsletter plugin v3.8.6 NOW!

Obtain this latest release of the WordPress Newsletter plugin right now! The power of efficient email marketing is at your fingertips!

New Customers

If you haven’t purchased the WordPress Newsletter plugin or the WordPress Plugins Bundle yet you can get it from our site right now and use the coupon code “2011” (without quotes) on the 2CheckOut payment page for 10% OFF your order!

Included in your purchase of a license is 3 months FREE access to your download and all new releases within that period. Thereafter you can renew for as little as $5. Please note that the current version installed and it’s serial key will NEVER expire, just the download itself.

Existing Customers

Existing customers of the both the wonderful WordPress Newsletter plugin and the WordPress Plugins Bundle can download this latest release from the downloads section right now (you may need to login to your account first).

If your download expired, you can easily renew it by clicking the “Renew Updates” link and renew for as little as $5 to gain access to this release and all new releases within the specified period.

Thank you for your business and support! Enjoy this great release of our powerful newsletter software for WordPress!

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