WordPress Newsletters plugin v3.7.8

We are very excited and we hope that you are too! This is our second weekly product release.

Last week we did the WordPress WHOIS plugin v1.4 release with several new features and improvements. We plan on doing a WordPress Shopping Cart plugin release next week with an amazing set of new features, payment gateways and indescribable improvements. Back to this week…

This week’s release is the WordPress Newsletters plugin v3.7.8. We try to do our releases on Mondays but we had several things to iron out on this update before it was ready so we could only do it today at the earliest. We currently have a long list of features and improvements that we are working on for the Newsletters plugin thus we have to prioritize which are most important and beneficial to you guys. Some highlights in this release include…

Feature Highlights

Please view the full release notes for detailed information.

Newsletter Themes

It is here, at last! Full-blown HTML email themes which are both easy to manage and use. Not only can you add your own HTML email themes to the plugin but we decided to spoil our awesome customers by shipping this release with 7 very beautiful and professional premade themes which you can start using immediately. These 7 themes already have unsubscribe, view online, content placeholder and tracking tags in them.

Adding your own themes is easy. In the Newsletters > Themes section you can add a theme by specifying a title and then either uploading an HTML file or pasting the HTML code. The only requirement of a theme is that you have the shortcode [wpmlcontent] somewhere inside it which will serve as a placeholder where the content from the editor will be placed. You can use all other shortcodes/variables inside themes, raw PHP code and just about anything else you would do in a normal web page.

Themes can be used when sending new newsletters, sending posts as newsletters and also for all notification purposes such as confirmation/activation emails. When a newsletter is sent using a theme, the theme will be saved to that history item so that the theme is already selected when you resend/edit a history/draft email. Additionally, this is also used to output the online version of newsletters when subscribers click the ‘View Online’ link generated by [wpmlonline].

Major MySQL Performance Improvements

Ever wanted to import 10- or 20- or even 30,000 email addresses and then send a newsletter to all those subscribers? Now you can do it easier than ever before. With major improvements to the way subscribers are imported, emails are queued and emails are sent out the Newsletters plugin has really become lightning fast.

Remember, if you are going to send a newsletter to more than 100 subscribers in a single list or multiple lists in total, we strongly suggest that you turn on the email scheduling feature under Newsletters > Configuration. It has proven to be practically impossible for any server to process and send hundreds of emails with a single execution. Use the scheduling feature to queue emails and send it periodically on an interval from every 2 minutes upwards.

Purchase or Download

If you don’t have the WordPress Newsletters plugin, you should invest in this powerful tool today! Import subscribers, accept subscriptions through your site, send out newsletters and view tracking statistics. Its a marketing heaven! If something so affordable and powerful is so easy to use yet extremely beneficial to your business, why wait? Get it now! Use the coupon code 15OFF to get 15% OFF your order for a limited time period only.

Already purchased a license? You can download this update for free, considering that you have an active updates subscription. If your download expired, you can renew it for only US$5 for a full 3 months. It gives you access to all other releases within that 3 months and 24/7 technical support from the Tribulant Software team.

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