WordPress Newsletters plugin v3.8

Another release of the WordPress Newsletters plugin is now available to all our customers. I was so excited about this release yesterday when we uploaded it to the site and now, this morning I wrote the blog post to announce it and notify everyone about it.

Before I tell you about some of the new features, you may view the detailed release notes for the WordPress Newsletters plugin v3.8 with all changes to the plugin.

Feature Highlights

Custom Fields in Admin Notification

The plugin used to have this feature in the past but we had to remove it due to some issues it caused with the notification email. It has been added again and will display the custom fields filled in by the specific subscriber when the administrator of the plugin receives the new subscription notification. It displays any type of custom field and outputs its names and values in a tabular structure directly inside the notification email.

Export All, Active or Inactive

In the Import/Export section of the plugin, specifically at the bottom under the Export heading, you can now export either all, only active or only inactive subscriptions to a CSV file. Please note that you only get this choice when you select a specific, single mailing list from the select drop down menu.

POP/IMAP mailbox bounce feature

Handling bounced emails is now easier than ever before. Anyone can do it and it doesn’t require any technical setup.

First, you’ll specify a bounce email address in the configuration section which is the email that will receive the bounced email notifications. This email address must be a normal mailbox on your server (or any other server for that matter). Just like you would setup an email address in your email client (Outlook, Mac OS Mail, Thunderbird, etc.) you then fill in an incoming mail server, username, password and port number that will be used to log into the mailbox.

Additionally, you can set an interval in order to tell the plugin how often to automatically check the email address for bounced email notifications and you can even specify a bounce count for subscribers. The bounce count determines how many times your emails should bounce to each individual subscriber before the subscriber will actually be removed from the database. The plugin keeps track of how many times emails have bounced to each individual subscriber.

The previous, email piping method is still available as an option under Bounce Configuration.

Global Email Priority Setting

In the configuration section of the Newsletters plugin, you can set the email priority of emails sent out through the plugin. You can choose High, Normal or Low. When the plugin sends out emails, it will set the priority header and your recipients will see the priority of emails sent. High priority emails are marked with an exclamation mark for subscribers to see it is important.

Get v3.8 Now!

Existing customers can download the WordPress Newsletters plugin v3.8 from their downloads section right now. It is already available for both single license holders, unlimited license holders and customers of the WordPress Plugins bundle. If your download has expired, you’ll need to renew it right there inside your downloads page.

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