WP Mailing List Plugin v3.7 for WordPress 2.8

This update of the WordPress mailing list plugin has been specifically developed to integrate with WordPress 2.8 which was released publicly several days ago. Even though the mailing list plugin has been updated for WordPress 2.8 it will still work flawlessly on WordPress 2.7.X. Please have a look at the release notes for v3.7 of the WordPress mailing list plugin.

Other than the integration with WordPress 2.8 some additions and improvements have been made to the newsletter plugin overall. A useful new feature is the updates notification. When a new version of the WP newsletter plugin is available you will be notified in the “Plugins” section of your WordPress dashboard. Since the plugin is commercial and not GPL based like many other WordPress plugins it is not possible to automatically upgrade to a new version. You will be notified when a new version is available though you still have to manually download and upgrade the plugin.

You can obtain this release from the downloads section if you have already purchased the WordPress mailing list plugin. Simply extract the ZIP archive on your computer and upload the “wp-mailinglist” folder to your “wp-content/plugins/” directory. If you are upgrading an existing installation of the newsletter plugin you should overwrite all of the plugin files.

I hope that you enjoy this release! Please feel free to send me any questions, requests and suggestions.

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  1. zauberer on January 3, 2010

    no response since november last year, no answer for my e-mails, no reaktion for ticket system, that looks bad …
    and with wordpress 2.9 i get a fatal error !!

  2. zauberer on November 23, 2009

    i use this plugin and its very nice, but is it possible to show the customfield f.e. “name” with the e-mail field, how can i implement this?

    thanx V.

  3. Anthony on October 9, 2009

    The demo link doesn’t work… I want to try before purchase !

  4. Chris on August 24, 2009

    I like the look of your opt in plugin but I would like to know if I can add a graphic image to the top and provide people with a down loadable file when they complete the form rather than a mailing list?


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