10 Tips to Improve the Conversion Rates of Your Email Marketing Campaigns

Over 269 billion emails are sent and received daily. This number is projected to increase to 333 billion by 2022. Email marketing can work when you implement the right strategy that focuses on improving conversion rates.

1. Create Targeted Personal Content

Sending personalized content makes the recipient feel important and like they are more than simply another number to your company. Hubspot recently published a list of companies that have excelled in crafting personalized emails.

One of those companies is Spotify, which sends email content that cultivates a feeling of exclusivity. Users receive personalized emails thanking them for being top listeners. Tour information from their favorite artists is provided in a template with the artist’s photo and a salutation from them.

2. Content Must Be Mobile-Friendly

According to a 2018 IBM Report, 49 percent of emails are opened on mobile devices. If your emails are not mobile-friendly, you are losing possible conversions. The following factors create mobile-friendly emails:

  • Clearly defined Call-to-Action (CTA)
  • Easy readability with 13 – 14 font sizes
  • 40 characters or fewer subject lines
  • Streamlined design for easy viewing
  • 600 pixels or fewer template
  • Increase load time with smaller photos

3. Send Out Automated Emails

Sending automated emails can improve conversion rates and decrease staffing costs. You can become more effective, cultivate creativity, and streamline the way you market to your leads and customers. Consider integrating the following automated emails in your marketing campaigns:

  • Thank you for registering or purchasing
  • Reminder emails for abandoned shopping carts
  • Discount emails for items in abandoned shopping carts
  • Follow-up emails for leads visiting your website
  • Customer VIP emails thanking them for purchase milestones

4. Use Segmentation to Target Audience

You have a vast audience. Each email template and content you create won’t engage your leads and customers in the same way. Start using segmentation to better target your audience. Segment your email list on criteria like geography, demographics, customer lifecycle, product niche, and customer psychology.

5. Create a Consistent Campaign Schedule

No customer wants to receive spam emails. That’s a surefire way to get blocked and cause people to quickly unsubscribe from your email list. However, you don’t want your customers and leads to forget about your brand. Finding that sweet spot of how often to send emails can significantly improve your conversion rate.

You can send weekly emails since 49 percent of consumers want to receive email content from their favorite brands regularly. Create a targeted campaign that reaches your audience and consistently reminds them why they love your products or services and how they can benefit from using them.

6. Less Is More with Emails

Our society is continuing to move at a faster pace each day. People are busy with work, family responsibilities, and time with friends. Approximately 3.2 billion people are active on social media daily. That number translates to 42 percent of the global population. Attention spans are getting shorter because of our time spent on social media. Craft shorter emails to improve engagement.

7. Test Different Email Content

Take the guesswork out of what content works and which information doesn’t by using A/B split testing. Segment your audience and send version A to one segment and version B to the other group.

The content sent to audience A may have increased conversions compared to the email sent to segment B. Both audiences received your content. That’s a win for you. However, now you have actual customer data on which email performed better. This can help you craft higher-performing content for future campaigns.

Vary content such as different email templates, color scheme, CTA, font size, subject line, personalization, and day and time sent.

8. Provide Value in Every Email Sent

You need to provide valuable information in every email, or your customers will start to ignore anything you send them. Share customer testimonials, new product information , innovative developments, and educational content. Valuable content will improve the conversion rate and cultivate loyal customers.

9. Make Your Pre-Header Text Count

As established, many people open emails on their mobile devices. When the Gmail platform is opened on a laptop or PC, users see who the email is from and the subject line. When viewing an email through the Gmail app on a mobile device, they can also see the pre-header text.

This is a golden opportunity for you to ensure that they open the email and read your valuable content—then respond to the CTA. Make a great first impression with this 85-100 character pre-header, while the recipient is deciding to open the email.

10. Clean Up and Cultivate Your Email List

Ensure everyone on your email list has opted-in to receive emails. Have the opt-in option easily visible in your email subscribe box on your website. Include an unsubscribe option at the bottom of every email you send. Provide easy access to the terms and privacy policy on your website.

Improve the conversion rate of your email marketing campaigns by using these ten tips. Start the process by implementing one tip at a time to see which one or ones work best for your brand.

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