11 Easy Website Tricks to Increase Your Conversion Rate

11 Easy Website Tricks to Increase Your Conversion Rate

Increase Your Conversion Rate

Digital marketing is a set of features that have to work closely together to boost website traffic, generate enough leads, and eventually turn them into customers. But even if you create a sensational content and distribute it through various channels of communication, it’s not a guarantee of high landing page conversion rates.

According to the recent research, only 1 in 5 businesses is satisfied with their conversion rates. A typical website conversion rate is around 2.35%, but the top 10% of companies are seeing 3 to 5 times better results.

It obviously takes a lot of skills and planning to make a truly productive website marketing strategy. If you want to join the group of elite businesses, you need to learn more than just basic conversion tactics. In this post, we will show you 11 easy website tricks to bring up your conversion rate.

1. Create High-Quality Content

Content creation is the cornerstone of website marketing. George Young, a digital marketing specialist at BestEssays, explained it briefly: “In case you can produce high-quality content and become a key opinion leader in your industry, you can count on traffic and conversion increase long-term. The goal is to cover all aspects of your themes as comprehensively as possible, providing followers with in-depth analysis”.

Here’s what you should do:

  • Create longer posts instead of short and vaguely written articles
  • Give users practical tips
  • Help them solve problems using your instructions
  • Use multimedia content to make content more interesting
  • Match the tone of voice your audience is expecting

When you reach this level of content creation, you can count on loyal website visitors who trust your recommendations. This is exactly what you want to achieve – build a base of loyal followers who are but a click away from converting.

2.   Create Demo Videos

Demo videos are a great way to present your products or services. They are short, direct, and informative, which means they enable viewers to learn pretty much all there is to know within a few minutes.

The quality is essential. Demo videos must use a clear narration, relaxing and optimistic background music, and bright colors. You should explain product specifications, leaving no room for potential misunderstandings. Of course, it also has to follow the overall branding strategy to make the product recognizable at a glance.

Apple’s iPhone X introduction is the perfect example of a well-crafted demo video. It’s long enough to explain basic product features, but it’s short enough to keep users’ attention. The elements we mentioned above fit the video production requirements, making this demo video a genuine conversion generator.

3.   A Standout CTA

A call to action (CTA) is that one special website feature that inspires user engagement and increases your conversion rate. However small, it’s an extremely important driver of business success, so you need to design it carefully:

  • Don’t let it cover the entire screen, but let it stand out from the rest of webpage content.
  • It should be a short but straightforward message.
  • Don’t use generic CTA solutions such as “Download” or “Sign In”. Try with a more personalized and appealing CTA. For instance, you could go with “Book me a seat!” or “Count me in!”
  • Create the sense of urgency by adding “Now” to the CTA.

Check out how Sprout Social invites website visitors to “Start Your Free Trial”. The CTA is delicate but clearly visible. And here’s a bonus tip: don’t forget to use a color that contrasts background image – it will make your CTA even more attractive.

4.   Retargeting

It would be perfect if you could immediately convince the first-time visitors to take action on your website, but take a look at the bounce rate and you’ll see it’s impossible. It doesn’t mean, however, that bounced visitors are lost forever.

On the contrary, you could retarget people who showed interest in your products. They were halfway down the road already and you just have to give them a minor encouragement to seal the deal. You can do it by offering promo coupons for the first-time buyers.

You could also provide discounts to motivate visitors who didn’t complete the purchase. Or you could cross-sell more popular products. There are many ways to retarget consumers, so you just need to choose options that suit your business the most.

5.   Create Infographics

Users love visual content and you should take advantage of this fact. Infographics are one of the most frequent solutions because they can sum up a large quantity of data in a small-sized document. Infographics are visually appealing, concise, and easy to understand.

All this makes infographics a real conversion magnet because website visitors are willing to register and leave personal information in exchange for this type of content. If you are not sure how to create infographics, we suggest you use Canva. It’s a simple but very intuitive graphic design tool that enables even the beginner-level creators to make quality infographics.

6.   Add Testimonials

The power of word-of-mouth marketing is incredible. An average customer trusts his peers much more than brand messages, which is why a lot of websites save room for user testimonials. According to the study, customer testimonials have the highest effectiveness rating for content marketing at 89%.

However, testimonials need to sound credible and authentic. They should display reviews from real people and use real images. Adding a cartoon photo will not work – customers want to see the real face behind the statement in order to believe it.

And if you want to go one step further, you can shoot video testimonials and case studies. This process requires solid production skills and professional equipment, but it could boost your credibility and lead to higher conversion rates.

7.   Create a Catalog

If you are running a business with dozens or hundreds of products, you could create a catalog to increase website conversions. The logic is simple – most buyers would sign up for a free catalog of all products in your portfolio. At the same time, it allows you to raise brand awareness and present products to the wider audience.

This is exactly what Pavers did – they offered users to sign up for a free catalog with all products, discount coupons, latest releases, and other useful features. It’s the easiest way to let the world know about your brand and business, while conversions just keep growing.

8.   Organize Webinars

A webinar is the multi-practical content type. Each webinar has several goals:

  • To establish you as an industry thought leader
  • To increase brand awareness
  • To make attendees brand ambassadors
  • To bring up website conversions

You need an interesting theme for a successful webinar as well as excellent presentation skills. If you want to stand out from competitors, we recommend you Prezi as the new-generation presentation tool with a bunch of beautiful templates and interactive elements.

Of course, you need to practice before events to ensure perfect execution. The best thing about webinars is that they don’t give you only one-time benefit. You can record webinars and post them on your website to maximize the conversion potential of each event.

9.   Gamification

People love playing games and participating in online quizzes or opinion polls. For this reason, things like surveys or tests make a super-productive conversion driver and you need to exploit this kind of website content. For example, Buzzfeed has a wide variety of quizzes that make users engaged and proactive.

Most users are more than glad to give you leads in exchange for results that reveal their character, tastes, etc. The same goes for online surveys, which is why Survey Monkey became one of the most popular tools for creating game-like content. All of these models are fun and easy to create, so it’s a win-win situation for you and your website visitors.

10. Build Anticipation

You need to understand the psychology of website visitors in order to design calls to action that can truly inspire them to engage. Building anticipation is one of the oldest but most effective psychological triggers for potential customers because it intensifies the pleasure of buying a certain product and joining the community of customers who own it.

You just need to keep reminding potential buyers of the day to come. You can add a timer to your website to let everyone know the release date. Or you could highlight something like “2 WEEKS TO…” these are all great tactics to motive users and turn them into conversion prospects.

11. Improve User Experience

The last trick on our list is rather technical but nonetheless important. You must provide users with an outstanding website experience by designing a good-looking page. Pay attention to the color scheme and play with contrasts to highlight content that can bring conversions.

Make sure to optimize the website to speed up loading times. This is extremely important because a one second delay in page response time can result in a 7% reduction in conversions. You could also add quality images to support textual content and leave enough whitespace to make each element visible. And of course – don’t forget to add contact information and CTA buttons.

Digital marketing is relatively cheap and globally accessible, which makes it perfect for business promotion. However, it also means that the competition is severe in pretty much all industries, so you’ll need a good strategy to generate enough leads and conversions.

We showed you 11 easy website tricks to bring up your conversion rate. What do you think is the most important tactic for your brand? Do you have other interesting ideas to share with our readers? Feel free to make comments and don’t hesitate to leave a question if you need additional information about this topic – we would be glad to help you!

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