4 Instagram Reel Tips to Boost Your Audience Engagement and Follower Count

Do you leverage Instagram Reels to engage your audience and get more followers?

If not, you’ll miss out on tons of engagement opportunities.

Data shows that Instagram Reels generate 67% more engagement than typical IG videos.

It highlights how effective Instagram Reels are in engaging your potential customers and, in turn, increasing your followers, conversions, and sales.

However, like all your marketing efforts, you need a solid strategy to make the most of Instagram Reels.

Start with the four tips below to help you use IG Reels to get your brand more engagement and followers.


1. Use Instagram Reels to share your company story

Showing your target audiences who you are as a business without overly promoting your brand on Instagram is vital to engaging your audiences.

After all, sharing your company’s beliefs and values can help your audiences understand your brand better and what it stands for.

An IG Reel is one of the best ways to convey this information.

It can help you tell your brand’s story and share it with your followers through an easy-to-digest format.

For instance, you could do a “glow-up” reel that shows a short montage or time-lapse of how your company started and where it is now.

You can also use this approach to share Reels showing your company’s internal processes, such as product development, project completion, physical store opening, brand overhaul, etc.

The “origin story” of the dog-friendly restaurant Barkhaus shared by the restaurant Point of Sale (POS) and management system Toasttab below is a good example.

Image source: instagram.com.

You can use this same approach in your IG Reels, whether you sell popular retail items or robust security testing tools for quality assurance.

Most people enjoy the stories behind your business. It helps your audiences know your brand deeper, allowing you to connect and engage with them better.

Include branded and relevant Instagram Reels hashtags in your content to make them more searchable and visible to IG users.


2. Include real people in your IG Reels

Most people want more than just a faceless brand to do business with.

You need to go beyond transactional interactions to build deeper, long-lasting relationships with your prospects and followers.

One way of achieving that is to use Instagram Reels to let your audiences know the people behind your brand.

Include the people in your company in your Reels to share the personalities within your teams.

It can help humanize your brand, allowing your audiences to connect with your business more personally while building trust.

You could share IG Reels about staff interviews, team activities, or even a dance challenge.

For example, Lego shared an IG Reel showing a day in the life of a LEGO Master Model Builder.

Image source: instagram.com.

The Reel is a creative way to showcase what the people behind the brand do. It can encourage audiences to engage with your content while subtly promoting your brand.

Follow reliable content writing tips to create compelling IG Reel captions and descriptions.

Doing so can help draw more eyeballs to your Reels while enticing your followers to like, share, and comment on our posts.


3. Follow a Reel structure guide

Reels only allow a short time to get your message across, making it crucial to structure your content properly.

Consider the tips below when structuring your IG Reels.


15 seconds

  • Tell your audience your Reel’s main message or content within the first three seconds. Use stickers and text to show the potential benefits of your Reels to viewers from the get-go.


Also, use this time to do an awesome product or offer reveal to capture your audience’s attention and keep them watching.

  • End your Reel with a strong Call-to-Action (CTA). Your CTA can be product-related or ask your audiences to engage with your content, such as sharing or liking your post.


30 seconds

  • A 30-second long Reel has the same basic structure as a 15-second post, but this time, try to introduce a cliffhanger between the 14 and 15-second mark. It’s a great way to keep your audiences wanting to see more.
  • Add more product information or answer Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) after this. For instance, you could show a quick checklist about how your potential customers can buy SEO articles on your website.
  • Resolve your cliffhanger with a reveal or knowledge drop.
  • Present your compelling CTA to lead your followers to the next steps.


60 seconds

  • You can incorporate all the steps and elements from the 15 and 30-second Reels in your 60-second videos.


Use the longer time to invite audiences to “Watch until the end” or ask a question that makes them curious enough to stay and learn more from your Reel.  It can give you more audience engagement opportunities.

  • Choose background music or an audio clip that aligns with your Reels’ length.
  • Keep your Reels simple, whether you want to educate or entertain your audience. Ensure your video has a hook, intro, offer or valuable content, and a CTA.


4. Design your Reels to be replayable and highly shareable

Viral videos have one thing in common: Audiences like watching them repeatedly, and they get shared with A L-O-T of people.

The more people see your video, the more chances you have of boosting engagement and getting more followers.

Some of the Instagram Reels and videos that get tons of repeat engagement, replays, and shares include the following:

  • How-to videos that contain step-by-step guides and tutorials that encourage your audiences to rewatch since they offer useful content.
  • Viral videos, such as funny and creative Reels that people can’t help but share with their networks and social circles.
  • Life hacks or tips and tricks videos that can attract rewatches since these can entice your viewers to refer back to the processes involved in your content and Reels.


The Instagram Reel showing fast breakfast ideas from 5minute.recipes.official below is a classic example.


Image source: instagram.com.

Develop an IG Reel strategy that includes remixing your Reels and making them shareable on Instagram and other social media channels.

It can help promote your content while expanding its reach and, in turn, increasing your engagement opportunities.

Also, ensure your content tracking strategy includes monitoring your IG Reels.

Doing so can help track your Reels’ performance and effectiveness in driving engagement and increasing your follower count.

Viral Reels can also help with capturing more people’s attention, encouraging them to follow your brand.


Get more engagement and followers with IG Reels

Achieving Insta-success with IG Reels doesn’t always happen overnight (or instantly).

However, this guide’s tips and tricks can help you jumpstart your efforts to leverage IG Reels to drive more engagement and amass a bigger following.

Build on these tactics and keep improving your Instagram Reels marketing strategy to make the most of your efforts and get your expected results.

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