4 Strategies to Promote Your Business to an International Audience

Have you been growing your business for a while in your region? Do you feel like you have fully tapped into your market and need to expand? If it is time to expand beyond your borders, now is certainly the time to do so.

Between highly accessible tools and platforms, as well as access to international audiences at your fingertips, there has never been a better time to finally reach those audiences that you’ve had your eye on for a while. In saying that, expansion right now does come with some challenges and obstacles. With economic challenges facing a plethora of countries, and the cost of living skyrocketing, you will need to take the right approach when it comes to targeting your audience.

So, how do you go about doing so? How can you reach out to your international audience and promote your business? We’ve looked into several businesses who have recently expanded into other territories and found out just how they did it.


They Understand Their Audience

The first thing you will need to do if you are expanding into a brand new region is to actually take the time to get to know them. Not only do you need to know what languages they speak, and their basic demographics, you will need to take time to get to know their lifestyles and cultures. Research and development going in will need to be a long, planned-out process in which you will need to take time to really get to know who you are speaking to.

If you can, find marketing companies on the ground to collaborate with. They will already have an established knowledge of the audience and will be able to help guide you when it comes to your content, messaging and campaigns. They will also help you tailor your products and services for your particular audience.

A good example of this not happening took place a few years back when a well-established beer brand expanded into East Africa. They brought their established messaging of “ice cold beer” with them, and it instantly fell flat as it is traditional for East Africa to drink warm beer. Do your research first.



They Adjust Their Website for the Region

If you want to start targeting international clients, your website will need to speak to them in their language. By this, we mean that it will need to be translatable and reflect their time, currency, and even cultures! Luckily for you, there are some platforms out there that can assist you to do this. But if you have a well-established website, going through the exercise of adjusting according to various locations can be quite tricky.

Keep in mind what we said in the point above. Just because you can translate your copy into a different language, doesn’t mean you are actually reaching your customer. Each region will need to be carefully identified and understood to be able to speak to them.

Again, a good example are the various regions throughout the UK. Large chain stores adjust their product advertising according to the locality that they are in due to the vast differences. Although resource intensive, it will have a large ROI for the company.


They Spend Money on Their Marketing

Digital marketing in this day and age is highly focused on tons of content being poured out of the company. From emails to social posts to paid ads and Google, content needs to be constantly produced and posted to keep reaching your audiences.

But, especially when you are trying to reach a new audience, this is simply not going to be enough. You will actually need to put some money behind your posts to actually reach these new audiences. So, what we recommend is creating content especially for your new audience, and then boosting the posts so they can actually pop up in the timelines of your targeted audiences. Without this, you are simply targeting your current audience.

It is not only your social posts that you should be boosting, paid ads on Google are also important. Here, you are able to do extensive keyword research, and target these specific words in the location that you are targeting. This will make sure that you pop up in the higher ranking positions when searched for in those particular locations. What is great about this is that you can usually choose your budget and add and take away depending on your monthly budget and success.


The Bottom Line

Moving into a new location can be highly profitable for your company. But, it will also take a lot of research and development before jumping in. Spend time getting to know everything you can about your audience and have a budget available.

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