5 Best Email Validator Tools You Need To Know

Are you planning a top-notch email marketing campaign for your business? Then you need a high-quality email validator. Without keeping your email list clean, it’s impossible to build an efficient email marketing strategy at a reasonable cost.

It’s hard to underestimate the importance of email marketing. Something as seemingly simple as the wrong email address could undermine the entire strategy. Without an email validator, you may face additional expenses, campaign downtime, and unhappy clients.


What is an email validator?

An email validator is a tool, which checks your email list for typos, errors, invalid addresses, and the like. By running your email list through a validator on a regular basis, you can make sure you are sending your promotional materials to your target audience.

By taking advantage of an email validator, you can forget about bounced emails, spam folders, IP blacklisting, and much more.

Real-time email validators can check the email address while it’s being typed into the contact form so the wrong address never ends up on your list in the first place.

The email validator makes sure your email list is clean before you send your first message. It can keep your domain from being flagged by Internet Service Providers or Email Service Providers, which can cause permanent damage to your reputation.

Email validators use AI, multi-layer testing, and complex algorithms to check for syntax errors. These programs can figure out how likely the email is to end up with a hard bounce. They can identify invalid email format, catch a spelling error, ensure the accurate status of every email domain, determine if the email will deliver, hard bounce or soft bounce, and report the last time a user opened the mailbox.

Failing to employ an email validator could lead to irreversible consequences. That’s why the majority of business owners take advantage of this tool.


How to choose the best email validator for your company?

Today, you can find a variety of email validators to keep your email list clean. Which one should you take advantage of? Below are several factors you need to consider before choosing a validator for your business.


1. Necessary features

What type of validator do you need? Do you want it to keep your email list clean on a regular basis or provide real-time validation? The most demanded features of a validator are:

  •         Syntax checks
  •         Bulk verification
  •         Risk assessment tools
  •         Domain confirmation
  •         Mailbox verification
  •         Formatting checks

When choosing a validator, make sure it has all the options needed for your email list to stay clean without any additional checks.


2. Cost

Of course, the cost is often a deciding factor when it comes to choosing any product or service. Email validators may have different pricing policies. Some charge per email checked, others offer monthly subscription fees.

Depending on which services you need and how many email addresses you need to check, you can choose the most convenient payment plan.


3. Trustworthy company

Since you are sharing valuable email list information with the company, you need to make sure it’s trustworthy. If you want to keep your data safe, do some research.

  • Visit the company’s website. If it’s well-designed and easy to navigate, the company cares about its clients and reputation.
  • Read reviews. If the company has at least a few reviews, you can form an opinion about it.
  • Check details. Does the company offer its address and phone numbers on the website? Do representatives pick up the phone?
  • Read the terms of service. Is your data protected when you share it? Does the company have HTTPS/SSL connections?


4. Verification time

The time it takes to validate the email list could affect your marketing campaign. Make sure to ask about the validation speed before choosing the company for your needs. Ideally, it shouldn’t take more than several minutes.


5. Customer support

Even though email verification may appear straightforward, you may still need the company to offer customer support for some of its services. Meanwhile, the validation service provider should carefully watch the security of its products and offer regular updates.


Some of the best email validation tools

Since it’s hard to choose the best email validator with the numerous options, we’ve done some of the work for you. Below are the best email validation tools available for your use today. And, the best part is that you can make use of any of them to ensure a clean email list when sending your email marketing newsletters with our Tribulant Newsletter WordPress plugin. Any of them could become your favorite:



Snov.io offers an easy-to-use email validation tool that allows both single and bulk email verification. It has a 7-tier email verification process that can clean your lists from invalid emails in a matter of minutes. This validator can help reduce your bounce rate, increase your deliverability rate, and improve your sender reputation.

Snov.io Email Verifier has a flexible import and export of email lists and supports CSV, XLSX, and Google Sheets formats. Besides, it comes with email drip campaigns and an email finder on the same platform.

There’s a freemium plan that allows up to 100 verified email addresses per month. Premium plans can be purchased on a monthly or yearly subscription.



Byteplant is one of the top-notch email validators available on the market today. It offers both real-time and bulk email validation for email lists of all sizes. This validator provides excellent customer support both on and offline. It has a well-designed website, which offers numerous options for the user.

The company works with such respectable clients as Toyota, Shell, The Washington Post, Adobe, and AutoDesk. Beside email validation services, Byteplant deals with address and phone number validation. The speed of all types of verification is high.

You can pay either for a monthly subscription or per email.


Zero Bounce

This company offers online email validation services, which comes with numerous features, dealing with invalid addresses, spam domains, bounces, etc. It either can verify emails one by one or do bulk verification. Zero Bounce deals with email lists in virtually any file format. The validator can be integrated into the user’s software.

Additionally, the email validator helps you acquire information about your contacts, such as demographics. The information can help with email list segmentation and conversion rates.

The service offers both real-time and offline validation. It has numerous interesting features suitable for email lists of all types and sizes.

You can pay either per email or per month.



XVerify is a high-quality email validation service, which can help you keep up the email list hygiene without a formidable investment. Besides checking the email list validity, it offers the auto-correction option so you don’t have to worry about typos or syntax errors.

The service is available on both desktop and mobile. You can take advantage of “per email” or bulk verification options. The company has a user-friendly website and excellent customer service. The service offers nearly instant verification results.

XVerify has a “per email” pricing plan. There is no monthly subscription.



MailGet’s email verification service FormGet takes care of low-quality email lists, identifies spam traps, and eliminates typos and syntax errors. It offers low “per email” pricing and extremely high checking speeds.

The service can increase your email deliverability, eliminate hard bounces, improve your marketing campaign, and much more.



Clearout is one of the best email verification tools available online. It offers an instant email verifier for checking up to 10 email addresses and a bulk email verifier for verifying large lists of email addresses. You can just upload your email lists in .csv or .xlsx format and verify them.

Clearout performs 20+ vigorous validation checks for verifying the email address. This includes Greylisting Verification, SpamTrap Detection, MX Record Verification and much more.

It allows you to export files in .csv format.

Besides email verifier, Clearout also has email finder for instant and bulk email search and Linkedin prospecting chrome extension for extracting pre-verified contact information from linkedin platform.

Clearout gives 100 free credits and paid plans start with $21 onwards for 3,000 credits. The credits have a lifetime validity for subscription or Pay-As-You-Go credits.


Final thoughts

These days, it’s impossible to run top-notch marketing campaigns without an email validator. Taking advantage of one of the above tools can ensure the quality of your marketing campaign, bring you more clients and keep your company’s reputation intact.

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