6 Outstanding Marketing Tips to Grow Instagram Followers

Are you looking for new ways to get more Instagram followers on your account? If yes, then know that you aren’t alone. Every Instagram user is looking for ways to get as many Instagram followers as possible. This might be because of the value of having real and active Instagram users, given that any Instagram marketing strategy is based on the number of followers that one has. To make your work of getting new followers a little easier, here is a post that provides an elaborate plan on getting new followers.

1.      Start with your profile

In business, the first impression that potential clients get means a lot to the business. The same thing can be said of Instagram. The impression that your potential followers get is critical, as it will determine whether or not they should follow you. It is on the profile that you can give users a reason to follow you or to just ignore your account. And you can be having the best content, but if you have a poorly written profile, then you can be sure that you will remain with just a paltry of followers.

To make your profile stand out among the millions on Instagram, you must start by choosing a username that is easily recognizable and which can be searched. Usually, your business name should be the username. This makes it easy to create awareness around it. But if the name is already taken, then you can create another username using the business name as the first part of the username.

2.      Focus more on visual content

Instagram is basically a visual platform where people come to post their photos and selfies. As a business person, you need to understand that you stand to gain nothing if your posts are purely content-based. Users are likely to follow you if they find that you are posting more and more photos, which are of high quality.

It is important to note that while twitter users and users from other social media platforms might forgive you for posting some low-quality content, the quality of photos you post on Instagram determines a lot of things. It is the surest way to get not just followers, but sales as well.

You don’t need a photography course to take quality photos. At the same time, you don’t need weeks of practice to get photos that will impress your followers. With just a few basic photography tips and an understanding of how to use photo-editing apps, you are good to go.

3.      Post regularly

One great mistake that most Instagram users is they start engaging people, asking them to follow them even before they come up with a photo posting strategy. As a practice, you need to have at least 15 or more posts before you start looking for followers. With some great posts on your profile, people who visit it will have something to read and follow you in return. They can even share your posts with some of their friends and thus get more followers.

What we all need to remember is the fact that without a post, then you had better spend your time doing something else, not to ask people to follow you. Even if you were to follow a million people, if your profile has no posts, then you will realize that you might end up getting zero followers.

4.      Invest in Instagram followers

There is no doubt that getting your first 10000 followers on Instagram can be a hard task, especially when you are still a new brand that people have never heard of. To start well, you can buy 1000 followers for Instagram from a reliable seller. These followers need to be real and active in order to like and comment on your posts. Remember that likes and comments are key when it comes to ranking, which in turn puts your profile before more people. Research has shown that those profile that are ranked higher in the Instagram search get more followers than those that rank lower.

But even as you plan on how to buy Instagram followers, you need to be sure that you are investing in real and active followers. If Instagram algorithms realize that you have bought some fake followers, then your account might suffer as it can be demoted in the ranking. At the same time, having fake followers on your profile can make your account to be suspended, thus bringing you and your business a great loss.

5.      Leverage other social media platforms

Usually, before you start focusing on building a following for your business on Instagram, the chances are that you have already built a following on other platforms. Social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter are excellent when it comes to cross-promoting your Instagram account. It is a plus for your Instagram account if you direct your followers on the other platform to follow your Instagram profile. The easiest way is to create a post on Twitter or Facebook, then have a preview of your Instagram profile on the post. In the post, you can have a call-to-action, asking people other users to follow you on Instagram.

Social media networks work interdependently, where you have one person having accounts on more than one platform. Due to this, it is easy to have the same person following you on Twitter, Facebook, as well as Instagram. This is good for you and your business since they can share your content across the platforms, earning you more exposure and more followers.

6.      Have more videos on your account

Initially, Instagram was a platform created primarily as a photo-sharing app. This was good, as a business would have pictures of their products posted from time to time.

But with time, the platform has changed, and now it allows a minute-long videos. As a business person, this is an opportunity where you can create quality and engaging videos of your products and post them for your followers. If the videos are interesting, then you can be sure to have loyal followership on Instagram, with more referrals coming through, thus helping you get more new followers.

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