8 WordPress Plugins for Digital Marketers: All You Need To Know

WordPress has some fantastic plugins for digital marketers. Installing such enhances the functionality of the website. They can increase speed, security, help with SEO, and so much more.

But, it can be difficult to know which ones to use due to the many options. There is also no point in downloading extensions that you will not use. It can be costly and may end up affecting the site’s performance.

We spoke to some Milwaukee marketing agencies on what they consider some of the best WordPress plugins for digital marketers. They have expertise in using plugins when servicing clients. They have also been in the industry for a while so they know what helps and what doesn’t. Here is what they recommended.


1. WordPress Newsletter Plugin

Newsletters are a powerful marketing tool. But, there is a lot of work that goes into content creation. Add subscriber management and scheduling roll outs, and it can be quite taxing.

The WordPress newsletter plugin from Tribulant will help take care of some of the tasks. It has tons of features for digital marketers. These include ready to use themes or layouts, subscription forms, and multilingual support.

If you are operating on the WooCommerce platform, you have the option of the WooCommerce Subscribers. It is a free extension that allows for the capturing of email subscribers at the checkout, right into the Newsletter plugin.


2. WP Chatbots

Conversational marketing has become the new buzzword. Brands interact with customers through conversation. It allows for better engagement and personalization.

Yet, it may be beyond the financial reach of some companies to hire full-time staff to handle such roles. A chatbot plugin provides an effective solution to the problem.

That is what WP chatbots from MobileMonkey bring to the table. We like that it is customizable depending on what you need. You can record and store all the communication happening on your WordPress website, Facebook pages, and more.


3. Yoast SEO

WordPress stands out because of its SEO capabilities. But there is no harm in providing a backup with the right plugin. Digital marketers have access to Yoast SEO, which currently has over 5 million active users.

What you will love is that it guides on best SEO practices. That means even beginners can benefit a lot from what it has to offer.

Marketers get advice on link management, writing good descriptions, and including images in posts. Yoast SEO plugin will also identify any oversight, thus improving your ranking on the search engines.

And that is not all. It features multi-language support including English, Arabic, Slovak, French, and German.


4. WooCommerce Mailchimp

WooCommerce Mailchimp is a plugin that helps with the integration of commerce and management. It allows for the optimization of your e-commerce platform.

You get several benefits with the extension. Such include setting up subscriptions and sending out marketing messages to clients.

The teams benefit from better streamlining of workflows. The opt-in option is fantastic for networking with similar individuals.

There are currently over 10,000 active installations. WooCommerce for Mailchimp plugin supports five languages. These include Dutch, Belgium Dutch, Greek, and Spanish.


5. Title Experiments

A/B testing is a critical process for digital marketers. The Title Experiment digital marketing plugin allows for the performance of such tests on post titles. It will run through several potential content titles and recommend which one would perform best.

A/B testing gives relevant insights that you can use to capture audiences. Attractive titles increase the likelihood of people interacting with the content. You also get analytics on the number of views for each article.

The number of active installations of Title Experiments currently stands at 900. You may wonder why it has made it to our list. But, the truth is many digital marketers have a problem when it comes to writing titles. The content may be good, but it fails to get traction because the header is not catchy or relevant. So a tool that can help with the task is worth considering.

Do note, as of September 2021, the developers have not tested the plugin with the latest WordPress releases. You may therefore experience compatibility issues with the more recent versions.


6. All in One SEO Pack

The all-in-one SEO pack is a close competitor to Yoast. It provides another fantastic way to optimize your site for search engines. The features include Google Analytics support and duplicate content prevention.

Others are advanced canonical URL and XML sitemap support. The plugin supports over 60 languages. It is simple to use, making it ideal even for beginners. It could explain why there are over 2 million active installations.

And, the developers hook you by saying you can save money by not needing to hire an SEO expert. But, it is not a bad idea to hire a professional digital marketing agency to guide you through the process in the beginning.


7. Broken Link Checker

One critical ranking factor on search engines is the quality of links on your website. Yet it can be difficult to monitor and identify broken links manually. Help is available with the broken link checker WordPress digital marketing plugin.

It scans the site and generates reports that you can access from the dashboard. Information includes links that are not working, redirects, and missing images. It gives you the option of preventing such engines from following faulty links.

Do note, according to the WordPress website, they have not tested the plugin on the last 3 releases. But, with over 700,000 active installations, it is a pretty popular extension. Multi-language support covers 28 languages.


8. Google XML Sitemaps

An XML sitemap enables search engines to better index your blogs. If you churn out a lot of content, it is a critical digital marketing WordPress plugin to have. You will, after all, need all the help you can get to push your posts to the very top position in the search engines.

Google XML sitemaps are easy to use, so you do not need any technical knowledge. The prompts are intuitive and easy to follow.

And, best of all, the benefits are not only limited to Google. Other search engines like Bing and Yahoo can also use the information for indexing purposes.

There are about 2 million users enjoying this WordPress plugin for digital marketers. According to the website, the plugin has earned the distinction of being the best WordPress plugin. That should be confirmation enough that it is a pretty good extension for digital marketers.


Final Thoughts

WordPress will continue to establish itself as one of the best website builders in the market. The team of developers is constantly pushing out products. That is why there are so many WordPress plugins for digital marketers.

The teams are also not lazy about sending out updates. Users get constant improvements that can help with marketing efforts.

When choosing a plugin, consider what your needs are. Only then can you find a product that suits your purposes.

We have provided a list of recommendations from Milwaukee marketing agencies. But of course, do take the time to do a little more research.

It is also critical that you read customer reviews. They are the best source of information on what you can expect with the different plugins.

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