A Business’s Guide to Integrate Text Messaging into Their WordPress Website to Boost Marketing Campaigns

The world is going digital, and businesses are being forced to conform to the new trend or risk being kicked out of the competition.

Companies that have long embraced rigid business operations are slowly adopting technology systems into their daily operations, seeing that the new generation Z would rather associate themselves with a brand that has an established digital presence.

Many businesses that didn’t have an online presence prior are channeling their investments into getting their brand’s website established.

They are also striving to ensure that the websites have built-in live chat features to enable prompt response to customer and lead inquiries. This is because research findings have shown that most people prefer texting a customer service representative, to calling them over the phone.


Could Text Messaging be the Marketing Access for WordPress Sites?

Consumers prefer to engage and interact with a business through texting instead of calling, which is why companies need to endeavor to integrate SMS plugins within their WordPress websites. Services from boomerangmessaging.com can make it convenient for their customers to contact them via text message, as it will help propel their marketing campaign strategies.

You will be surprised to know that text messages have a 98% open rate compared to other communication modes such as emails.

Additionally, text messages are read within 90 seconds of receipt instead of emails that can often be filtered as spam. Meaning the email will never be read.

Suppose a business is looking to scale up and create a buzz around its brand. They should consider employing the use of business text messaging services on their websites.


Benefits of Inculcating Text Messaging Plugins into Your Business’s WordPress Site

  • Text messages are delivered promptly as long as there is network coverage, and in addition, the delivered messages are often opened and read swiftly.
  • SMS doesn’t require heavy investment into expensive data plans to function optimally.
  • A business that uses SMS as a major way of communicating with its customers enjoy higher customer conversion rates, specifically if they craft their marketing message with a sense of urgency.
  • Using text messages as a mode of communication with your customers and prospective leads is beneficial because your messages won’t be interfered by popup blockers or be prone to get instantly deleted like email messages.

Business owners that take ample time to draft compelling text messages with a clear call to action (CTA) get to enjoy more views.

This can ultimately increase a company’s sales margin.


How Can Businesses Make Use of SMS Services on Their WordPress Website?

  • Confirmation and Verification of a customer/client signup
  • Sending out exclusive coupon deals and discounts on limited quantity product and service offering feedback on customer surveys
  • Sending out announcements and reminders on company events to current customers and prospective clients


Final Remarks

The majority of consumers worldwide are attached to their phones, meaning they are constantly engaging with various websites through mobile devices.

It’s a smart move to integrate SMS plugins into your sites to increase your target audience and boost your business’s sales margins.

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