An Advanced Guide To Digital Marketing Challenges And How To Overcome Them


The pandemic has changed the economic and business landscape drastically. Newer challenges, heightened competition, and fewer resources to invest in growth strategies have become the order of the say for businesses.

With innumerable businesses shutting down and millions getting laid off, this has probably been the toughest period for modern businesses ever. Given these problems, the field of digital marketing has also had to adapt itself to address the rising challenges of the times.

Most businesses that were not into digital, realized soon after that to survive this is something that they would have to pursue. The changing consumer behavior necessitated by unfair lockdowns and social media meant digital platforms and technologies were the only way to-

  • Engage with their target audiences
  • Publicize their products and services
  • List down sales and delivery information
  • Generate sales and revenues
  • Coordinate with vendors, suppliers, and clients

In all the above, it was digital marketing that emerged as one of the strongest forces. In this article, we are going to examine some of the major digital marketing challenges brands face. We are also going to look at some credible ways for overcoming the same.


List of Major Digital Marketing Challenges faced by Businesses

  1. Adapting to Changing Consumer Behaviours-

The past year has seen people shifting their buying behavior from physical to online stores and mediums. In this regard, businesses have had to ensure that they can create avenues where their clients would be able to make online purchases. This means either starting their own ecommerce stores or redirecting their online traffic to their Amazon pages.


  1. Facing Increased Competition from New Businesses-

Ever since the pandemic hit and businesses became aware of how digital marketing is the only way forward, they started pursuing it aggressively. This means that for the same audiences there was increased competition from brands. Bidding keywords for PPC campaigns went up, and so did social media advertising rates. This created several challenges for brands.


  1. New Updates and Algorithm Changes from Search Engines-

For most brands and agencies, SEO has emerged as one of the top digital marketing strategies of the time. However, search engines have also been very active in ushering in new updates, sometimes making complete SEO strategies fairly redundant. This forced brands and agencies to go back to the drawing board and lose money, effort, and time in the process.


  1. Ensuring Budgets deliver adequate ROIs for Businesses-

In 2021, businesses are willing to invest in digital provided they get fair returns. However, as easy as this sounds, this is quite difficult. For starters, there has been an increase in budgets as best practices of increased performance necessitate higher spending. For example, to run successful social media strategies, you need to invest in the best content creation.


  1. Driving Qualified Leads to your Brand Website or Ecommerce Pages-

For small businesses with limited budgets, creating an entire marketing and sales funnel can be tough. This means that even if they can generate clicks on social media, their landing pages are not optimized, or they do not have the right lead gen forms. Driving qualified leads is one of the major challenges for brands in this day and age of digital marketing.


  1. Paying Attention to Risks from Cybersecurity and Attacks-

While brands where just getting the hang off digital platforms and technologies, they have had to content with more cybersecurity hacks and attacks. Data suggests that cyberattacks are up by as much as 5x times during the pandemic. Creating a robust security culture that exists around digital marketing to ensure that there aren’t any loopholes in security is essential.


  1. Generating Human-Centric Content for Digital Marketing-

With so much content all around in the online space, search engines and social media have now moved towards human-centric content. This mean that brands now need to be at the top of their game when it comes to creating high-quality content pieces. This not only takes a lot of time and effort, but also involves significant financial investment and expenditure.


How Businesses can Overcome Digital Marketing Challenges?

In order to offer a comprehensive answer, the problems of overcoming the above-mentioned challenges, we take help from leading digital marketing professionals at Digitrio. Let us now look at what are some suggestions that they have made in this regard-

  1. Work with a Great Digital Marketing Agency– For brands, the answer is to do research and evaluate the credentials of a digital marketing agency. Once you are able to select the best ones, you can rest assured that your digital growth dreams are in good hands. This will prevent you from committing a lot of mistakes and overcoming challenges.
  2. Set Realistic Goals and Expectations from Digital Marketing– Businesses need to realize that digital marketing is no magic wand that can deliver with overnight success. It requires a lot of careful planning, execution, monitoring and tracking to succeed. This means that brands should be setting realistic expectations from their efforts.
  3. Be Ready to Invest Time and Patience in Strategies– Following from the above point, it should be pointed out that digital marketing strategies need time and patience to start showing results. You should at least carry out with your digital marketing strategies for a minimum period of six months and hope them to start showing results.
  4. Learn and educate yourself about Digital Marketing- Business owners have this weird tendency to leave everything to the agency. They do not make efforts to engage with digital marketing on their own. As business owners, it is important to learn and be informed about the basics. This ensures that you know what is happening.
  5. Creating an Omnichannel Approach for Qualified Leads- The customers of a business because of changed digital behaviors are no longer restricted to one digital platform alone. This means that to generate qualified leads, businesses need to work on an omnichannel digital marketing strategy for best results.


The Bottom Line

Brands and agencies need to be aware of the latest digital marketing trends that are driving performance. At the same time, a conscious effort needs to be made to ensure that all the employees of an organization understand the importance of digital marketing and its role in generating success for a business.

Investing in new digital marketing trends like Video Marketing, Short Format Videos (Reels, Snapchat) might be the future of online engagement. Digital marketing is not an easy area to specialize in a short span of time. It requires consistency in order to emerge as a strong and worthwhile growth strategy for a business.

If you have any other questions, you would like us to answer, or any clarifications on any of the points mentioned in the article, please do not hesitate to reach out to us. You can do so by mentioning your queries in the comments section below.

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