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If you’re looking for ways to generate more traffic to your website, one of the first things that may come to your mind is SEO. Creative branding services can help companies with any aspect they might be struggling with.

Having a proper Search Engine Optimization strategy is a must for your website’s visibility and the amount of traffic it generates.

However, there’s yet another way in which you can bring new visitors to your site, that being social media.

With over 3.8 billion active users scattered across platforms, like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc., having a strong social media presence is important for building brand recognition and boosting traffic to your website.

How can you boost your website traffic using social media? Let’s discuss this in further detail.


1. Get your profile right

Let’s start with the basics. Although this may seem obvious, there are still plenty of businesses that build their social media profiles just for the sake of it, which is a mistake.

Think about it. After you’ve managed to catch the user’s attention, the first thing he will do is check your profile for more information. If he doesn’t find what he’s looking for, the user will most likely lose interest and probably click away.

With that said, let people know what you’re up to straight away. That doesn’t mean you should go overboard with the information you offer, however. Keep your bio short and sweet. Offer just enough information to spark the user’s curiosity. Your website will do the rest of the talking.


2. Get involved in the social media groups

With so many people being active on social media, it can be tempting to attract as many people as you can.  But that’s not the point. There’s no reason to direct your marketing efforts towards people who don’t match your buyer persona, as that will only be a waste of money.

With that said, you’ll need to figure out exactly who your target audience is and where to find it. Who is your ideal customer? What’s he like? What’s his age? What are his goals and aspirations? What is he passionate about?

Let’s say that your business is selling gaming computers. Your ideal customer will probably be someone who’s in his teenage or young adult years, passionate about tech and obviously gaming.

Your best bet to find that type of customer would be to join social groups related to your niche, where you’d post intriguing content that will draw users to your site.

If you’re having trouble finding and identifying your target audience, the best course of action is to hire a digital marketing company.


3. Share snippets of your blog

Speaking of posting content, you can start by including website material on your social media page or in the groups we’ve talked about. Just keep in mind not to post the said content in its entirety. The point is to attract people from social media to your website.

Besides, chances are that not many people read through an entire blog post while on social media, as they have plenty of other things to scroll through. With that said, provide short summaries that will entice users to enter your website and read the content in full.

Also, don’t forget that your website and your social media page go hand in hand. In other words, people from your website are likely to follow you on social media and vice versa.

With that in mind, your website’s content needs to be shareable. Don’t forget to include social media sharing buttons that will allow users to share your posts with their friends easily.


4. Focus on visuals

When posting content on social media, focus on visuals.

A user’s feed with hundreds of posts, and no matter how interesting your content is, they will most likely scroll past it if you can’t grab his attention somehow.

Well, this is where visuals come in. Photos, videos, GIFs or infographics will increase the chances of getting the user to stop scrolling and check out your post.


5. Post at the right time

As we’ve previously mentioned, the user’s feeds are very busy. If you don’t post when your followers are most likely to be active, then your content will be buried beneath hundreds of other posts, becoming pretty much invisible to your audience.

When it comes to posting at the right time, you’ll have to consider both the time of day and the day of the week. This can get quite tricky because you’ll have followers from all over the world, covering different time zones.

The only way to find out when your audience is most active is by simply testing the waters. Post at different times throughout the day and see what works the best for you.


6. Engage with your audience

As opposed to other marketing methods, social media allows you to interact with your audience directly. People will always come up with questions or suggestions on how you could improve the customer’s experience.

All of this comes in real-time, meaning that you can quickly address their questions and complaints, and as a result, you get to improve the way your target audience thinks about your company.

Keep in mind to engage with your audience consistently. Not many businesses reply to their customer’s comments, so this is a great opportunity to stand out from the crowd and drive more traffic to your website.


7. Optimize your call-to-action buttons

Call-to-action buttons are an important part of driving social media users to your website. No matter how good your content is, users aren’t going to check your site if you don’t tell them.

With that said, a CTA button needs to stand out from the rest of your posts. Consider using contrasting colors and position it so that it’s most visible to the user.

Furthermore, you’ll need to be clear in telling your audience what you want them to do. Be bold and add phrases like “Visit Our Site” or “Read More.”


8. Connect with influencers

Influencers can play a major role in raising brand awareness and driving people to your website, as they typically have a loyal fan base and their posts get a high engagement rate.

To make this work, you’ll have to collaborate with the right influencers. Look for someone who’s an expert within your niche, someone who aligns with your company’s goals and values.

Social media is a powerful marketing tool that should be in every business’s arsenal. It not only helps in raising brand awareness but will also drive traffic to your website.

However, remember that it’s all about your audience. You first need to identify your audience. Then you’ll have to post content when they are most active, and finally, you need to engage with them constantly.

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