Content Marketing Examples to Get Success in Your Campaign

Content Marketing Examples to Get Success in Your Campaign

Content Marketing Examples

There is nothing more important in digital marketing than content creation. While it may seem like a brave statement, numerous studies proved it already. For instance, over 80% of Millennials don’t trust digital advertising.

At the same time, content creation costs 62% less than traditional marketing and generates approximately three times the volume of leads. In such circumstances, the only question left is how to craft a productive content marketing campaign for your brand.

As always, the best way to do it is by analyzing the target audience and learning from competitors. In this post, we will show you some of the most interesting content creation examples that can inspire you to launch a successful campaign of your own. Let’s take a look!

Practical Steps to Design a Content Marketing Strategy

Before we proceed with real-life examples of content marketing campaigns, we need to explain to you briefly how to design a general content marketing strategy. It’s basically a set of smaller steps:

  • Set goals: What do you want to achieve with content creation? Is it lead generation, product promotion, or conversion optimization? Your objectives will determine your content creation approach.
  • Analyze audience: You shouldn’t craft any kind of content before analyzing the target audience. Once you find out their needs, style, and interests, you can start making the corresponding posts.
  • Choose the best channels: It’s great if you can find the audience everywhere, but most brands focus on two or three channels where their prospects hang out the most.
  • Select content types: Content marketing should be versatile, but your target followers probably like some types more than others.
  • Schedule posts: Timing is crucial for content marketing. Learn when your prospects are active and publish posts so as to fit their online habits.
  • Measure results: If you want to know how your content works, you need to measure the results of each campaign.

5 Examples of Effective Content Marketing Tactics

Now that you’ve seen how to design a strategy, it is time to check out the most effective examples of content marketing. We will focus on five different areas here: blogging, visual content, video production, social media, and influencer marketing.

1. Blogging: WP Beginner & Four Seasons

Content Marketing Examples - Blogging

We’ll start with the basic content creation rule – quality posts always attract new followers. WP Beginner is a WordPress-related website that focuses entirely on writing great posts.

Their strategy is simple: keep writing digestible but highly educational posts to teach people how to use the largest content management system, WordPress. For this reason, WP Beginner creates articles that are easy to scan and actionable, using everyday language that leaves no one confused.

On the other hand, the Four Seasons blog attracts different followers. These are mostly well-off individuals who prefer premium products, services, and activities. That’s why Four Seasons concentrates on topics that highlight a classy lifestyle and exclusivity.

One segment of their blog describes the best travel destinations, while the other tells the story about fine dining. Both of these units target wealthy but stylish people who can afford upscale arrangements, so they can find articles such as “Your private jet journey” or “Our most Instagrammable desserts.”

2. Visual content: Rolex & Shutterstock

Content Marketing Examples - Visual

Visual content is one of the essential components of digital marketing. As a market leader in the premium watches market, Rolex definitely knows how to take advantage of visual marketing.

The brand uses visual assets across multiple channels to tell the story about Rolex watches. The perfectly combine images and animation with brief captions to highlight the power, history, and values of the brand. They turned watchmaking into art, and they are not afraid to show it using incredible product visuals.

Shutterstock, on the other side, is a visual content library that serves millions of users worldwide. However, they don’t allow competitors to get the foot in the door but rather design new trends by themselves.

A new campaign entitles “2018 Creative Trends” allows users to discover the biggest image, video, and music styles of the year, from major trends to local favorites. Packed in a lovely infographic, this campaign reveals the top 11 trends to emerge in 2018. Shutterstock is already the king of visual content, but they made an extra leap forward with this campaign.

3. Video production: Old Spice & Turkish Airlines

If a picture is worth a thousand words, then a video is probably worth a thousand pictures. Old Spice proved this point with a series of entertaining videos that breathed new life into this 1937-born brand.

Using nothing more than 30-second videos, Old Spice showed how a little dose of humor can drastically raise brand awareness. And the results were staggering, bringing the brand more than 50 million views per YouTube video!

Turkish Airlines is another brand that nurtures the art of video production. In their campaigns, the company does everything to prove they are “the best airline in Europe.” Even if it takes to hire Lionel Messi or Kobe Bryant to support this claim, it’s not a problem for Turkish Airlines.

Of course, not everyone can hire sports superstars to shoot a commercial. But you can, however, do your best to come up with interesting plots that keep viewers on the edge of their seats – just like Turkish Airlines does in their video content.

4. Social Media Marketing: Intrepid Travel & Superdrug

Content Marketing Examples - Social Media Marketing

With over 2.5 billion daily active users, social media have a huge potential to increase brand recognition. Intrepid Travel exploits this fact by building a loyal Facebook community that gathers more than 500 thousand followers.

Besides stunning photos and author descriptions, Intrepid Travel also invites users to share impressions from their journeys. That way, the company drives engagement and strengthens the bonds with followers, thus growing the base of brand advocates in the long run.

Meanwhile, Superdrug took a different approach with the “Perceptions of Perfection” case study. In this project, Superdrug invited 18 designers across the globe to Photoshop the same model in order to match the local beauty preferences.

The campaign revealed the existence of incredible (and impossible) beauty demands all over the world, causing mass social media reaction. The results were sensational, reaching almost a million social shares and dozens of celebrity endorsements.

5. Influencer Marketing: Lagavulin & Sperry

Lagavulin is a Scottish whiskey brand that hired Nick Offerman to star “My Tales of Whisky Yule Log.” If you thought this was yet another influencer marketing video, you were totally wrong. How come?

Well, the 45-minute minute video consists of only one shot of Offerman sitting next to the traditional holiday Yule Log and savoring Lagavulin in complete silence. It’s proof that you don’t need a single word to earn almost 3.5 million YouTube views.

Sperry makes a different strategy because it encourages brand enthusiasts to become its advocates-influencers. The shoe brand utilizes the power of customer loyalty to establish a strong base of micro-influencers, which is something that every brand can do with the existing follower base.


Everybody is talking about content marketing these days, but not everyone is able to produce high-quality content. On the contrary, only the highest-quality campaigns can instantly improve brand recognition and generate thousands of new leads.

In this post, we presented content marketing examples to get success in your campaign. You should learn from the best, so don’t hesitate to analyze these examples and use some of their tricks to create your own content.

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