Content Marketing Optimization: Complete Guide For 2019

With the digitalization of about everything, the scope and need of content marketing optimization has increased many folds. Content marketing optimization plays a vital role in reaching out to the target audience for which the content has been designed. Before we dive into what are the different tools that are used for content marketing optimization, a brief explanation of its meaning is important. Content marketing optimization is a technique to appraise the content to ensure it’s penned down in such a style that it successfully reaches to the sweeping number of target audience. It’s a method of improving search results and rankings of the content.


Content market optimisation targets 5 different types of audience while making the content outstanding, easy to find and use. These audiences are:


1. Search engines

Search engines have a certain way of picking the content to show up in their results on top pages. Content must have keywords, which are frequently used in search by the people, placed in specific areas that make it easy for search engines to find and pick content easily and show it. Search engines includes Google, Bing, Yahoo, DuckDuckGo, etc.


2. Consumers

Consumers are the actual people whom you target or design content for. People who actually search for your content online. For example, customers, followers, critics etc.


3. Influencers

It’s a brand new way of advertising. If your content is beneficial to people who wield some power over social media and reasonable amount of fan following on different platforms of social media, one recommendation from them will make a number of people search your content in one go.


4. Social media

Off late social media, like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter etc. has become so powerful that if used properly, by making attractive pages and showcasing your content on it, can get far fetching results. People who admire your content can directly connect with you through this medium.


5. Business boasting

Content should be compelling and enriched enough to drive the audience further to take a step forward in connecting with you through email, sales, registration etc.

The above-mentioned audience play significant role in content marketing optimization only if your content is formulated to answer their mental questions. For example, influencer will think about how your content can get him or her additional recognition?, search engines will evaluate it for its authentic information?, business would like to know how your content can help increase volume of its sales?, and finally, a customer would want to know it’s worth spending time over your content?


There are 5 such techniques or tools of content marketing optimization which help in reaching out to your target audience:


1.  Irrespective of high quality of content and optimal traffic, if your content is inaccessible or vague, you are likely to lose your customers. In order to make content easy to access and well defined, it should have following elements:

a.  Attractive title which contains keywords

b. Content must be frequently searched

c.  Fonts should be readable

d.  Must have impressive head image which attract customer immediately

e.  Must have more media in the body of content to ensure it’s properly illustrated with the help of pictures, presentation, video, audio etc.

f.  Short paragraphs

g.  Outline content to catch eye of user easily


2. To make your content easily available on different platforms of social media, one must consider the mix of organic (audience which read your content on their own) and paid (which come across your content through advertisement on social media) audience. For this your need to include social sharing tools in your content like:

a.  Add buttons of different social media handles so that the content can be easily shared

b.  Become a member of relevant amplification communities like Reddit. Pay-it-forward

c.  Content should be easily transformable to adjust to format of different social media

d.  Test headline and visuals by using paid social media

e.  Content must be mobile user friendly has most of the people access the content through their smart phones


3. The content should be compelling enough to encourage the consumer to take further step in connect with your business:

a. It must include relevant information in the end to contact your for example your email id or contact number etc.

b. Add attractive rewards for your customers to engage in purchase

c. Add related content to keep your audience interested

d. Add links to your content


4. Make your content influencer friendly as they help develop and distribute the content:

1. Contact influencer for guest posting as it helps you as well as them

2. Create your own network as influencer to engage more audience

3.  Add references to your content to make it more credible


5. Your content should have certain keywords which are frequently searched on different search engines and it must be easy to load:

1. Content must have onsite search box to make user search more information

2. Keyword should be included in first 50 words of your content

3. Its URL should have keywords apart from its title, paragraphs and conclusion

4. Avoid making duplicate content as it confuses the search engines and audience

5. Paid promotions help in reaching out to target audiences.


Final Words:

Content marketing optimization aims at improving your content reach and distribution results by polishing your content and making it inviting, keeping in mind your 5 target audience: search engines, consumes, influencers, and business. So, before you take a big leap of publishing your work, it is strongly recommended to make important changes in your content in accordance with techniques of content marketing optimization in order to yield better results.

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