Here Are 12 LinkedIn Outreach Blunders You Should Avoid

In today’s environment creating a digital presence for your business is more important than ever. LinkedIn is one such platform that can help expand your reach and attract new buyers. It is also a great platform for connecting with industry experts and growing your professional network.

It’s imperative to understand that LinkedIn is different from other social media platforms. The strategies that have been successful on Facebook or Twitter may not drive the same results on LinkedIn.

Are you finding it difficult to create professional relationships via LinkedIn? Are your outreach efforts simply not working? Are you looking for LinkedIn automation tools? Since LinkedIn is a much more professional and business-focused platform, it’s necessary to alter your outreach strategies accordingly.

In this post, we’re sharing some LinkedIn outreach mistakes that can cost you valuable networking opportunities. Take a look.


1. Not Treating LinkedIn Like a Professional Space

Most social media platforms like Instagram and Facebook are popularly used by people as a personal outlet. However, the same cannot be said for LinkedIn. Don’t forget that this is a platform for doing business and making professional connections.

Sharing your personal photos is a LinkedIn blunder, to say the least. When you’re commenting on posts, interact in a cordial and respectful manner. Focus on creating a professional brand image.


2. Unjustified Spamming

From receiving unsolicited emails to messages, no one likes being spammed. If you’re sending unjustified emails to everyone who connects with you, it’s time to stop. Spamming is not going to get you anywhere. In fact, it may create a negative impression on prospective customers.


3. Approaching From a Place of Entitlement

Just like you, other professionals on LinkedIn are busy with work and running a business. Therefore, you cannot expect them to immediately reply to your queries or help you out. Rather than approaching a professional from a place of entitlement, focus on creating a long-term relationship. Keep your questions interesting, relevant and short, and give them time to respond.


4. Starting with Self-Promotion

Starting any interaction by exclusively promoting your product or service isn’t the best approach. Instead of rushing to close a sale, dial back the self-promotion and make efforts to build a relationship first. And like any relationship, building valuable connections on LinkedIn takes time.


5. Sharing Irrelevant Content

Everything you post or share has an impact on your credibility. Sharing irrelevant or unprofessional content can damage your reputation. Carefully plan your content strategy to create engaging, interesting, and relevant content for your target audience. Additionally, always proofread before posting anything.


6. Not Playing It Cool

Do you often send a message instantly after someone accepts your connection request? Think of building connections on LinkedIn as professional courtship. Don’t immediately send out a message after connecting with a person. Also, avoid sending follow-ups if someone hasn’t responded within 24 hours. Take your time to find the best way to approach prospective clients.


7. Overlooking Grammatical Errors

A message or email with grammatical errors and typos is going to create a negative first impression. Even if you’re offering a great product or service, the prospective client may not be able to look past the obvious mistakes. Make sure you thoroughly proofread your emails before hitting send.


8. Not Thinking About the Buyer

No matter how brilliant your product or service is, why should prospective buyers care? Unless you add value to their business, they probably won’t engage with you. Instead of a product-centric approach, you should adopt a problem-solving approach when pitching potential clients.


9. Not Personalizing Your Pitch

Though maintaining a professional tone is a priority, it’s also important to remember that you’re talking to another human being. If you want to build real relationships, it’s crucial to personalize your pitch. Make sure your outreach efforts show that you actually care about the prospect’s goals and overall success.


10. Inadequate Research

Approaching a prospect without any knowledge of their business goals or problems is a waste of everyone’s time. Do your research to discover the specific issues faced by a prospect and pitch them an effective solution.


11. Weak Conclusion

Don’t end a conversation with a vague conclusion. You can make things easier for your prospect by providing them with details about what will happen next. From setting a date for following up to finalizing a sale, conclude your conversation with a clear call to action.


12. Reach the Right People

Pitching your product to anyone and everyone is not the ideal outreach strategy. It’s a waste of time and resources. Make sure you take your time to find suitable prospects.


Final Words

Learning how to reach out to someone on LinkedIn is certainly a skill that deserves your time and energy. LinkedIn is a powerful tool that you can use to strengthen your online presence. Instead of solely focusing on your product or service, find ways to help your prospective clients. Becoming a credible expert on LinkedIn is not an overnight process, it requires consistent and long-term efforts.

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