How to Boost Marketing Efficiency with AI-Powered Solutions

The future of marketing is here, and this is thanks to the power of AI. It has not only changed the way marketers engage with their customers but also is better at addressing their needs. AI technology can now do so much, from generating videos to voices, content, and much more.

Considering that AI-powered tools can transform and improve your digital marketing practices, customer experience, and more, the real question here is how to start?

That’s a great question because in this article, we’ll dive deeper into learning more about how you can increase your marketing efficiency with the right AI tools.


AI segmentation

Traditional market segmentation was often not always on target in accurately segmenting customers or emerging trends, all simply due to the fact that humans can never analyze as much data as AI can.

AI, on the other hand, is capable of analyzing large amounts of data to identify subtle patterns and preferences that aren’t visible to the human eye. AI can analyze what customers are trying to achieve, and their reasons behind it. This is important if you are trying to deliver a much more targeted and effective marketing message.

All of the data that AI analyzes is used for figuring out important metrics like your target audience’s social media engagement levels, purchase history, and online activities, understanding their preferences and behaviors on a deeper level.



Almost every website you visit now has a chatbot. 65% of internet and software companies use chatbots. They are available 24/7 and don’t get tired of repetitive interactions like a human being would. Chatbots can analyze and process large amounts of data really quickly in a short period of time and provide relevant responses.

AI-powered chatbots have many benefits, including:

  • Answering frequently asked questions (FAQs)
  • Offering real-time assistance 24/7
  • Refining the customer support process
  • Providing quick responses to all customer inquiries
  • Redirecting customers

The overall result is that AI-powered chatbots help improve customer satisfaction by reducing response times. However, it’s always important to balance everything out. There are times when customers might want human interaction, so always offer options that make this possible when required.


AI-powered video generators

AI video generators make it possible to quickly and effectively create professional videos from text. It’s a new way of creating AI videos and replacing traditional methods of time-consuming video production processes.

An AI video generator makes it possible to share knowledge in an engaging video content form. Key features of AI video generators include:

  • Easily create and edit AI videos from text, documents, and PDFs, using pre-designed templates
  • Real-time editing with your team, making sure that the video creation process is smooth
  • One-click translations that allow you to automatically translate videos in the available languages the tool offers to reach a global audience
  • AI Avatars that are used for making your videos more engaging

Almost every AI-powered video generator has the following key features we mentioned, but some may have more. Of course, you can use this to save time and reduce costs. No more wasting time on creating professional videos.



Since AI tools can analyze large amounts of data, this helps in improving your personalization approaches. It analyzes important metrics like purchasing histories, browsing patterns, and other important metrics that help you offer better product recommendations.

For example, the beauty retailer “Sephora” has a Color IQ system that uses AI for analyzing individual skin tones and can help provide customers with the perfect matches, and give out accurate personalized product recommendations. The system is separated into three parts, which include collecting client data, merchandise data, and feedback data.

After all data is collected, suggestions are created based on customer’s preferences and purchase behaviors.


Better Search Engine Optimization (SEO) with content generators

SEO is important if you want to have a successful marketing strategy. AI is a powerful ally when it comes to helping websites rank higher on search engines. AI content optimization systems will analyze your website’s content, identify what is missing, and provide you with helpful recommendations such as headlines, meta descriptions, body copy, and what else is required to help you rank higher on search engines.

There are different types of AI tools that can help you rank higher on search engines, but not all of them will serve the same purpose. For example, MarketMuse will analyze all top-ranking articles on Google for specific keywords, guide you through creating optimized landing pages,  and help you create content that aligns with your customers’ search intent.

Moreover, you have content generators like Microsoft Copilot, ChatGPT, and others that will create high-quality content that is SEO-friendly and targeted toward your target audience with special search terms and context. AI content generators are even more helpful in generating outlines if you are about to create high-quality content, and are excellent in helping you do more extensive research.


Conduct A/B testing

A/B testing is important if you want to optimize your marketing performance, but manually creating and analyzing test variations can be highly time-consuming. This is why large platforms like Google are using an AI Marketing Optimization platform to help you save time with A/B testing.

These Machine Learning (ML) systems automatically generate and test different ad variations tailored to your target audience in real-time. Moreover, you have other tools like Optimizely, which has a Personalization Engine that offers you automated A/B testing of limitless website experience variations that are driven by evolving customer data. This not only helps in increasing conversions but also maximizes engagement rates.


Social media

With the help of AI tools, you can schedule social media posts, respond to comments, and gather enough insights to measure social media performance. There are AI tools that have writing assistants that can create social media content for you before you post. The text generator will give you longer or shorter forms of text for each of your posts.

AI assistants can also help you schedule your posts for the future. This is helpful since you are not only reducing time consumption but increasing the overall productivity of your team. Even when you are sleeping, know that it will do the work for you and post according to the content schedule you are following. How great is that?

Moreover, you have AI-powered social media tools like Flick that offer you a “Brainstorm” button that will generate social media ideas for you when you click on the button. It can also find and store some of your best ideas and produce them for all of your social media channels.


Cookieless advertising

Many customers find it annoying when they visit a website and have to deal with cookie settings. It’s often the first thing that you encounter and while some websites have removed third-party cookies, others are still using first-party ones to improve the browsing experience.

The focus on data privacy became even more popular in 2020 since most people were staying home due to the rise of COVID-19. Many large organizations like Google and Apple are starting to phase out third-party cookies. The marketing industry is looking to solve some challenges it has already created.

With the help of AI, brands can gain powerful insights regarding the context behind digital content compared to only gathering keywords and learning about user behavior. It is helping online businesses create more powerful ads in correlation to the website with much greater accuracy, determining the optimal spots for ad placement for scoring higher returns.

Many marketers are now leveraging AI to place contextual ads rather than third-party cookies for many reasons:

  • Enhanced data privacy: Third-party cookies have been long criticized for their impact on user privacy. AI-powered contextual advertising doesn’t rely on personal data from users for targeting ads. It analyzes data from first-party sources to better understand the user. This includes collecting first-party customer data, demographics, behavior, and can set up target ads much more effectively.
  • Improved targeting: AI algorithms can quickly understand the website’s context and show you which ads will work for your page’s context. Also, it’ll show you the ideal areas for ad placement to ensure you maximize ad returns.
  • Increased brand safety: Modern AI algorithms are great at identifying fake news, fraudulent blogs, and much more. This makes sure that your target audience isn’t negatively viewing your website’s content, making the ad world much more secure.

Recent studies have claimed that AI-powered ad spending will grow to $1.3 trillion by 2032.


AI has changed the game for marketers

For many years, we have been relying on people to do all the work for us, but now, with the help of AI-powered tools, marketers are saving more time than ever. AI is analyzing large amounts of data and allowing us to learn more about customers, personalizing their experiences, and making the user experience better for them.

While there are plenty of ways that AI can boost your marketing efforts, you’ve now learned which areas can help you the most. Now, it’s time to dive deeper and see which tools are the right fit for your business.


About the author:

Tony Ademi is a freelance SEO content and copywriter. He has been in the writing industry for three years and has managed to write hundreds of SEO-optimized articles. Moreover, he has written articles that have ranked #1 on Google. Tony’s primary concern when writing an article is to do extensive research and ensure that the reader is engaged until the end.

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