How to Boost Your Website’s Value

If you are wondering how to boost your website’s value, then you must be thinking about selling it at some point, probably in the not-so-distant future. However, with that said, there really are only two types of websites that would be up for sale and those would be websites that are already published and hosted or websites that are being created to flip. In fact, flipping websites can be quite a lucrative business if you understand what it takes to boost your website’s value. In other words, why would you even want to boost the value of your website if you weren’t intent on selling it to make a profit?


A Word About Flipping

Flipping is something that has always been a decent money-maker in the real estate market. It is a process whereby an investor buys up cheap and often rundown properties to fix them up for a quick sale. The idea is to bring them up to market value in a neighborhood by making minimal repairs and seeing to it that everything being sold with the house works. This has made many real estate investors rich over the years.

The concept is similar in flipping websites, but usually it is a web developer that buys domain names with a high potential to attract an interest. They then develop the website with content, and as it begins ranking in the SERPs, it is quickly sold. There are several means of selling these kinds of websites, but if you want to get the best price, it should be listed with and through the advice of M & A professionals who are in the business of helping businesses gain in value so that they can get the best price when selling their business.


A Look at Boosting Value in Existing Websites

There are many reasons why someone would want to sell their website. Often a prospective buyer will assume that it isn’t performing as it should and will be wary of paying the price at which it has been valued. However, it could be that the business owner is ready to retire or has personal obligations requiring their efforts elsewhere. It is highly possible that the website actually proved to be a virtual goldmine and the owner was reluctant to sell, but as mentioned, had pressing reasons to let it go.


How Value Is Determined

If you want to boost your website’s value to get the highest possible asking price, it is first important to understand the three most common website valuation methods. These are much the same as valuing a business of any kind and there are few websites out there that aren’t monetized. Sometimes a personal blog is there just for the property owner to rant a bit about personal issues of importance to them, but usually websites are there to make money.

Just like when selling any business, then, the common methods of valuation are market, cost and income. How strong is the market in which that business is in and what are the costs associated with running it successfully? Of utmost importance, probably is income. How much income has that website made historically?


Draw Traffic From Diverse Sources

One thing a savvy buyer will look at is much the same as how Google ranks your site. If all your traffic comes from a single source, what will happen if that source dries up? Therefore, it is imperative that you market through as many sources as possible. Don’t focus all your efforts on SEO and inbound links. Use social media, paid ads, and any other source of driving traffic to your site.


Focus More on Evergreen Content

One of the ways in which you can position yourself to be in a position of authority is to post content that is informative but remains relevant over time. Content that is dated is quickly passed over by the crawlers and after a period of ranking highly, you will find that your site begins to creep farther and farther down the search engine results that you might find your website no longer on page one. A high-ranking site is always valued higher than one that gets little traffic and is not ranked well with the search engines.


Lock Down Variations of Your Domain Name

While most businesses will try to lock down their business name, or an acronym or some variation of it if the domain is taken, they usually only shoot for a dot com extension. If at all possible, try to also get the .net, the .org and if you live in another country, perhaps you could get and/or Also, don’t forget to try to get the exact same user name on social media. The best place to find out whether or not your company/business/website name is available on the social sites of your choosing is with NAMECHECKR.


Secure Backlinks from Sites of Authority

For many years now, this was a key way in which to drive traffic to your website. Since Google loves sites of authority that rank highly per their algorithms, you will be figuratively carried along by their apron strings. Any backlink from a site of authority will give you more brownie points with the search giant and that should make a huge difference as to how highly you are ranked. Bear in mind that anyone looking to buy your website will want to know how easy it will be for people to find you and, of course, that is made possible by ranking on the first page of the search results, and better yet would be to rank among the first few organic results. Paid results are not viewed highly by potential buyers because the domain owner paid for them to be at the top of the page. It doesn’t mean that they are bringing in traffic!


These are just some of the ways to boost your website’s value, but they are among those most likely to earn favor with potential buyers. After your M & A (Merger & Acquisition) advisor has worked to value your website, you can expect a good deal of interest if you’ve put these suggestions to work for you.

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