How to Market Your Business Merger Online

Business mergers are very complex entities, and many customers are wary of them. After all, the very makeup of their favourite brand is about to change. Most of the time the change feels like a shock before they either get accustomed to it or leave. Very rarely is a merger something so wholly good for both brands that it feels like the perfect coupling. A perfect merger can feel like two soul mates meeting, but regardless of how perfectly aligned your businesses are, there is one thing you need to overcome first: public opinion.


Marketing your business merger in a positive way must be done carefully, so use this guide to get the job done:


Ensure That You All Have a Uniform Approach

One thing that you need to make sure happens, especially while you are still hammering out your merger deal, is that everyone is on the same page when it comes to what information can be released, and what should be kept under wraps. This even applies to marketing and SEO.

You can outline all of this in your virtual deal room, and add extra protections like watermarking and a custom NDA to ensure that every employee, on both sides, is on board and aware of what can be said, and what cannot. This way you won’t have a leak of information before you are ready for the public.


Start Marketing the New Features Users Can Expect

You need both of your customers to be as excited about your merger as you are, so start marketing the features and new projects that you already have drafted. When Disney bought Lucasfilm, people were hesitant, but optimistic. Only once they started releasing the full line-up of projects, have people really begun to love the merger and more importantly, the new Star Wars content.


Use PR to Manage Both of Your Reputations

You will want to monitor and manage your reputations sooner rather than later. Technically this process should have begun well before you sent off that press release. You need to dig through each other’s’ company and reputation to see if there is anything lurking below the surface that could hurt your company in the long run.

If you have already done this, all that is left is to monitor and put out any little fires that emerge during your merger process. For example, if you can keep track of the grievances people have with the merger, you can address that directly with your marketing strategy.


Adapt Your SEO Strategy

SEO is a long-term marketing strategy that works to improve your ranking and visibility in search engines. Today it also makes it easy for us by requiring us to improve user friendliness and accessibility. As such, you are going to need to adapt your SEO strategy with the merger in mind. You won’t see the results for a few months, so start as soon as the negotiations start to make some serious headway. This way you can start to see results once your merger is complete and your customers start to really see the benefits of your mutual partnership.

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