How to Personalize Your Blog

How to Personalize Your Blog

Your blog should be the best-possible multimedia representation of yourself and your character. It’s an opportunity to share your photographs and your visual art, your memories and stories, and any insights you’d like to present to the world. It’s a blank canvas where you can display your unique talents and skills. The question remains: how exactly can you translate your personality into the online space? This article answers that question with multiple tips to help you add individuality to your digital blogging profile.


Adding photographs of yourself is one of the easiest ways to curate an online personality through your blog. It’s not just about sharing the contours of your face. It’s also an opportunity to show off your room, your garden, your place of work, your fashion sense, your belongings,   accessories. With their permission, you can also share pictures of your friends and family, too. Anything that gives viewers a glimpse of your character will be valued by your audience.


The visual design that you choose is another important way to emphasize your individuality and underline your   impulses and ethos. Whether you decide to enlist the help of a designer to build your site’s appearance, or you learn and deploy those skills yourself, is entirely up to you. You’re also able to choose from an array of templates available online to help you build a visual identity on your blog.


Perhaps the best way to exhibit your personality – whether bubbly, ironic or professional – is through the way you write. There are plenty of ways that the style and content of your writing will leave an impression of your personality with your readers, including:

  • The punctuation that you choose to use
  • References that you select to hyperlink from your blog
  • Photos and captions you use to illustrate your text
  • Word choice and phrasing decisions
  • Address and tone – whether formal or informal; playful or serious

Make sure that everything you publish on your blog represents you in an unedited and raw form if you’re keen to share more of your personality online.


Your domain name is the URL that appears at the top of your blog. It’s your opportunity to have fun with your audience, by using that URL to communicate what you can about your blog and your character. Get creative with your choice of domain in order to live long in the memory of site visitors. Find out how to get domain name examples, and pointers to which domains are free, online.

Personal Stories

Finally, nothing displays your character better than the stories you choose to tell. You might want to share something about a party you went to, or your own commentary on a current affair that’s got you thinking. Your blog identity might dictate that you write mostly about art, politics, raising a family or traveling the world. Whatever content you share, it should be oozing details about your rich inner life in order to capture the imaginations of your audience.

The tips above should help individuals who’re looking to add a touch more of themselves to the content that they publish on their blogs.

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