How to promote with Instagram?

Today, social networks have become a major source of customer traffic. Statistically, Instagram is used by one billion people every month. The most diverse audience is concentrated here, which allows any business to identify the core of its target audience and makes the platform universal for any niche. Wide advertising functionality and different formats of content allow showing the product from the most advantageous side. That’s why, developing a business account on Instagram is a priority choice for most entrepreneurs to form a strong personal brand, increase awareness, and build long-lasting social connections, which can be constantly scaled and monetized.


How to start building a personal brand?

Beginning with the promotion of a personal brand, it’s important to determine your target audience. The entire marketing strategy and the effectiveness of the advertising budget depend on how accurately it is defined. To build up communication competently and provide the most personalized approach, segment the target audience according to parameters important for your business: social, geographical, financial, professional, educational level, interests, etc. When a product solves a specific problem, people are willing to use it and pay a high price.

It is needed to determine the goals of promotion. Some entrepreneurs focus on building a broad base of subscribers that will suit different advertisers. Some people position themselves as experts to attract potential clients and increase the value of their services or products. Others create a page on Instagram to redirect traffic to their site. Clearly defined goals will help you choose effective tools, make optimal use of resources, and achieve your goals faster.


How to prepare a profile?

Your profile packaging is the face of your brand. It forms the first impression and influences the decision on further interaction with your content.

There are key points to pay attention to in the profile design. The avatar should include a personal photo, a portrait image is the best. Login should be easy to remember, with a minimum of punctuation and digits. The title should include a short description of your activity, and in your profile description is important to write the unique selling proposition and key benefits. Use Stories format for reviews and price lists.  Looking at each of these points, a person should understand who you are and how cooperation with you can be profitable.

An essential element of quality profile packaging is a high level of popularity. This is an important factor that affects the retention of new audiences, determines the demand for your brand, and reinforces subsequent marketing steps. That’s why most entrepreneurs at the start buy real Instagram followers and other popularity metrics.

Social media involves long-term business promotion models by building relationships with people. So, try to keep your profile 60-80% useful, engaging, and entertaining content to build trust in your project, and 20-30% direct selling content.

It’s important to constantly involve people and communicate: make engaging questions at the end of your posts, do interactive activities, run games and marathons, visit other people’s pages and interact with them in the comments. Easy and unobtrusive communication is the best way to make sales. Moreover, it will be much easier for other people to subscribe and make a purchase when they see the social proof in the form of high stats. When you don’t have initial activity yet, it’s efficient to delegate this task to professionals or to buy Instagram followers, likes, comments, views, etc.



How to promote an Instagram account?

Targeted advertising is one of the main tools for attracting customers. Advertisers can set specific user parameters, narrow the range of potential customers and build more personalized communication. As a result, ads are shown to the most interested users.

This tool allows you to conduct an in-depth analysis of the progress of the advertising campaign, user activity, and sales. Based on this data, you can constantly optimize the results. So, outputs in the form of subscribers, leads, and customers are easy to predict and scale.


Promoting Instagram is a complex of different measures: it’s important to design your profile properly, create a strong positioning, buy Instagram followers and other popularity metrics, regularly generate quality content, set up ads, etc. To turn your account into a steady source of income, learn to see the long-term perspective of your actions and invest in relationships with people first.

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