Landing Page Design – 11 Tips for Success

To maximize Pay Per Click campaigns’ performance and to enhance the Return on Investment of your company, it is very essential to create an excellent landing page. Since the landing page is considered a cornerstone for successful as well as effective online marketing, thus it is mandatory to make it unique. With catchy page, you get to grab the attention of your users, increase company sales, get a new lead, promote a brand new product, etc.

Consider your target audience

First thing first, when you are designing a landing page, you need to keep your audience in mind. You are not designing a page for yourself or to impress anyone but to grab the attention of a definitive set of demographic population. Furthermore, it is recommended not to focus on too broad audience or you won’t be able to design a page more effective. Before you start designing, there are few questions which you should ask yourself viz. average age of the target population, their marriage status, would it be gender-specific, etc.

The picture layout

No matter whether you have hired top-notch content writer for your landing page, it is very essential to have excellent picture layout and infographics. Since the human mind perceives information faster from pictographs and it provides greater impact in the mind of a user. Few things which you need to consider while placing a photograph are, use high resolute images, are your pictures relevant to the subject, is your product visible in the picture, etc. To make your images catchy, you should edit them on several editing software and then place them manually.

Format that matters

Format plays a huge impact when a user sees your landing page for the very first time. Since you have only a couple of seconds to make a user stay on your site for long time duration thus you can’t afford to have a page with the shaggy appearance and poor format. To give your page a more visual appeal, you are supposed to add a beautiful logo on the top which would represent your company and you can make the first contact with your prospective customers. It is better to leave the upper space of the page clean and white as much clutter will make it just another internet cliché.

Give importance to headlines

Headlines are another feature which will make your page presentable to the user. After the headline, you should also include sub-headlines, instead of writing lengthy paragraphs beneath subheadings you should write about 300 words or can even go for bullet points. These will make your page look classier.

Write a compelling copy

By writing a compelling copy, you will make the user aware about the offer which you are making and that would be great for them. While you are writing a copy, make sure that you are writing in a layman’s language so that more visitors can gain information from it. The copy should also have engaging and conversational attire so that a user can feel more engaged. In the end, you should focus on telling them the benefits which they will receive from your page.

Offer a sneak peek

This feature will make you build trust with your users and it also provides an excellent look to your page. You can showcase the products in which you are dealing with. For example, if your product is an e-book then make your users read its first few pages or a chapter. This will make them your advocate and you will increase the chances of a sale.

Color combination

You are requested to use color in contrast to the rest of the page, use vibrant and vivid colors on the landing page to give it a more promising and beautiful look. It would be great if you use colors on the page which aren’t used on the logo of your organization, this way your logo can easily be recognized by a visitor. Before using color on your page, you should refer to color psychology which influences users or visitors to immediately make a purchase.

Call to Action

You are required to make this sign or button highly visible on your page since interested visitors have to click on it to make a purchase. It is recommended to use contrasting colors for this kind of button which can be recognized easily. If you have a long landing page then make sure that you are using the CTA button several times. You should prevent from using generic terms viz. submit, send, etc. on the contrary use more conversational terms like grabbing your report, etc.

Addition of scarcity factor

When you add scarcity factor on your landing page there are chances that visitors might start to buy from you right away. You should make them aware of the scarcity of the product in an attractive manner if feasible then use the products left or can even use countdown clock on the page. Finding a product scarce will influence visitors to make a purchase right away or they may not be able to buy it in the future.


When you provide authentic testimonials from several media and social channels like renowned companies, satisfied customers, media channels, etc. then you gain the confidence of visitors. Using genuine testimonials provides an idea to the visitor that the product which you are selling is authentic and will provide them great value for their money.

Make longer pages

Designing along landing page will provide you a chance to converse more with your targeted audience and tell them more about your products. Making your users learn more about you and your company’s product makes them feel more engaged.

Contrary to this, it is very important that you maintain quality along with the overall length of the page as there is a possibility that your visitors may lose their interest in your product. Furthermore, you should also add a security feature on your page due to which users will feel more confident during the time of their purchase and they won’t feel hesitant in providing their info.

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