Managing Social Media Within Your Workplace

Workplaces and businesses are changing all of the time. Keeping up with trends is difficult. One thing that you must keep up with, though, is social media. Increasingly social media is overtaking the lives of your employees and your workforce. Of course, social media is not a bad thing, but it does have to be managed and monitored. If social media is not managed as effectively as it can be, then you may struggle to get the most out of your employees, and you may also struggle to build a strong and united workforce.


Why You Have to Monitor Social Media

It is important to monitor social media regularly throughout your business to ensure that you spot any problems or issues, potentially before they have time to reach the surface. Workplace bullying or slander can quickly transpire on social media, and it can quickly get out of hand. When social media is used in a negative way, it can affect more employees or members of your team than you initially think about. Social media has a knock-on effect (or ripple effect), so monitoring its usage and its use within your workplace will ensure that you can keep firmly aware and knowledgeable about what is happening.


Human Resources to the Rescue!

When it comes to managing social media use and usage, you are best to entrust the professionals. This is something that is best left to HR because human resource management can efficiently and effectively implement policies and regulations that will keep employees safe, happy, and content when they are in your workplace and when they are using social media too. Trying to tackle new policies and regulations yourself could be costly, and it could take too long to implement, so always leave social media usage management to an HR professional or human resources BPO.


Encouraging Honesty, Openness, and Transparency

Putting a blanket ban on social media usage is probably not going to go down too well within your workplace, and this should only be seen as a last resort (perhaps after other options or avenues have been exhausted). Instead of blanket bans, you may find it beneficial to encourage usage but to encourage openness, honesty, and transparency. Encourage workers and employees to take responsibility for their usage and also encourage them to be transparent at all times. When they are open and transparent, you can be alerted to issues quickly, and this then means that they can be dealt with swiftly.


Looking at Restricting Access

Within your workplace, you may find it beneficial to start looking at restricting access, for example, only allowing social media to be used at certain points throughout the day. When you restrict access, you do have some control over employees’ usage, but you also have more control over their productivity levels. When plans and policies are being created that cover social media usage, it is worth noting when it is acceptable to use it and when it is not. This way, everybody is clear about what their expectations are.

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