Product Marketing In 2021: 5 Software Programs You Need To Know About

Despite the number of brands and businesses today, most products, services, and solutions available to consumers are almost identical to one another. Due to these similarities, the biggest challenge for businesses is to make theirs stand out through unique marketing strategies. Therefore, the commercial success of your products will all boil down to your promotion and marketing approach.


To help your organization stay on top of your product marketing efforts, consider investing in these five software programs:

  1. Translation and Localization Management Software

There’s a definite line between being a multilingual and a global company, and businesses should aim to become the latter. If your brand wishes to promote in the international market, it’s crucial to have a properly translated website that adapts to your customers’ needs.

Fortunately, translation and localization management software like Lokalise can help your business stay competitive in the global market. Remember, having translations available on your website isn’t solely for visual design, it can also impact customer loyalty and support.

However, to become a global business, your website should also make sense culturally, and not just offer direct translations. By having a software localization tool, you can efficiently manage your localization projects with utmost accuracy. In this way, you can gather more customers around the world without disrespecting their cultural identity.


  1. Time and Project Management Tools

Effective time management is also important for the project manager, as it’s a vital aspect of managing a project from its inception until it’s completed. Time tracking apps can be used by project managers to track time spent on individual functional tasks and then provide a consolidated report of daily project activities for analysis and future plans.

Marketing managers can benefit from a comprehensive project and time management software with CRM integration. This tool helps marketing managers create a robust action plan that will address any issues or changes that may occur during the course of the project. Action plans should include specific goals and objectives for the management of the project to more effectively delegate tasks to employees, and move resources and money around to make the most of every marketing dollar.

Overall, utilizing project management software integrated with marketing CRM strategy enables streamlining processes and improving management, hence increasing the profitability of an organization’s marketing efforts while making better use of their resources.


  1. Design and Prototyping Solutions

Design and prototyping services have become increasingly popular in the last decade or so, and this popularity has accelerated the growth of computer-aided design (CAD) and computer-aided manufacturing (CAM) software for consumer, business, and industrial applications.

Computer-aided design and manufacturing software have helped countless companies create exciting new products and designs. However, with the recent explosion in computer technology and integration of user-friendly computer software into daily life, designers are no longer able to solely rely on traditional design and prototyping solutions.

Design and prototyping services have become a critical component of the successful development and manufacture of many of today’s most technologically advanced products. This revolutionary change has transformed how design and prototyping are used in the manufacturing world by creating greater consistency in production, as well as faster turnaround time for new design concepts and products.

Software programs for product design and prototyping allow designers and engineers to rapidly develop and manufacture prototype versions of new products. This process can be used to rapidly develop consumer electronics and products such as televisions, handheld computers, sports equipment, medical devices, food and beverage products, automotive parts and accessories, and even toys and games.


CRM Customer Relationship Management for business sales marketing system concept presented in futuristic graphic interface of service application to support CRM database analysis.


  1. Customer Service and Support Tools

In competitive markets today, it’s increasingly difficult for a company to stand out in a sea of competitors. By automating processes such as customer service and support, companies are able to understand their customer’s needs and respond quickly to them. In this technological age, customers have numerous product and service options available, and they can quickly jump from one brand to another. Thus, having an application that facilitates quick responses to queries can give your customers a more positive experience.

When looking for excellent customer service and support software solutions, it’s important to identify first the types of services provided by these companies and determine which will fit your needs. Essentially, these are the core solutions available for customer service and support:

  • Messaging and chat systems
  • Shared inbox and help desk
  • Phone support tools
  • Service desk solutions
  • Knowledge base software
  • Customer relationship management (CRM) software

The success of customer service and support automation doesn’t happen overnight. However, with regular and consistent training, it’s entirely possible to fully automate your business processes and improve your customer experiences. Ideally, a tool that has been tailored to the specific requirements of your company should be used, since the wrong solution could result in lost sales, inaccurate records, and poor customer support.


  1. Email Marketing Software

Because of wide internet usage across the globe, businesses can take advantage of digital channels to reach a more relevant audience. Particularly, 73% of millennials today prefer using email as their primary method for commercial transactions, and those companies who utilize email marketing witness an 174% increase in lead conversions.

Email marketing software is an advanced technology solution that helps companies use emails to execute and track marketing campaigns effectively, communicate with clients and manage customer relationships. This may consist of personalized messaging like promotional offers or account statements. Most email marketing software packages provide templates for outgoing and incoming email messages and templates for content within emails.

Also, software products for email marketing are easy to install and are able to handle large volumes of email messages in a timely manner. These software products support and help in the management of various email lists including your customers, vendors, and business associates and help in planning marketing campaigns. Most email marketing software systems are available for a one-time set up fee and a monthly fee.



The road to the future of product marketing strategies is strewn with surprises, and the product marketer must traverse them in search of greater insights into the psychology of buying behavior. Businesses that use product marketing as their most important business tool must continue to explore the barriers which stand between them and the achievement of near-term and long-term objectives, which can be achieved through investing in the right product marketing programs that can make up for human errors and shortcomings.

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