Sales and Marketing Insights to Look Out for in 2021

Moving into the new year, you’re likely thinking about how best to revamp your sales and marketing strategies to accommodate for the new realities of a post-pandemic world. Here, you will find a basic overview of sales and marketing insights that you can either take or leave when you start strategizing sales and business growth for 2021, depending on your current strategies and goals for long term growth. Here are seven sales and marketing insights to watch out for next year.


  1. Digital marketing

If there’s one thing this pandemic should have taught you, it is that you should embrace digital marketing if you haven’t yet.

Digital marketing is going to be strong next year. In fact, e-commerce sales channels are going to be permanent. Customers will continue to rely on digital platforms, which means that not only should you make the move online if you haven’t already, but also make sure that your sales and marketing strategies reflect that.

It’s important to integrate engagement analytics into your strategy. Check out this site for their account-based marketing analytics and strategies to make your digital sales and marketing strategy data-driven.

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  1. Use of AI to boost sales

Artificial intelligence (AI) is the hottest technology trend and businesses are going to continue to adopt it to boost their sales.

Machine learning technology provides data-driven insights that help improve the customer experience. AI will make personalized services easy to implement. Instead of “Dear customer,” for example, AI can add personalization to your customer communication process.

AI also makes it possible to measure and analyze data in real-time so that you can track consumer behaviors and adjust your sales strategies accordingly.

  1. Adoption of B2C sales strategy

2021 will see B2B (business-to-business) brands adopting B2C (business-to-consumer) sales and marketing strategy. Traditionally, B2B businesses pitch their products and services to groups or teams that make purchase decisions in other businesses using logical process-driven marketing strategy, whereas B2C businesses use emotion-driven tactics.

This gap in marketing approaches will narrow in 2021 with B2B businesses using emotional connections to boost their sales. While B2B is not B2C and core differences in their marketing styles will likely always exist, if you’re a B2B business then you may want to consider integrating B2C marketing techniques.

Emotion is no longer irrelevant in business, and emotional connection can be used to increase sales and improve customer experience. Sales is largely based on trust as well as website consumer experience, and there is growing evidence that businesses search for new solutions the same way consumers do: they use search engines, look at websites, and judge businesses from their overall website experience.

  1. Use of social networks as a sales channel

The role of social media in digital marketing will continue to flourish. As more and more people engage in social media, businesses that only sell their products and services via their website will lag behind competitions that use multiple channels for their sales.

In 2021, generate brand awareness and sales from your social media sites. Engage with your customers and establish your brand as an authority in your industry.

  1. Personalized interaction

Combined digital and human customer interaction will increase in 2021. Digital interaction with your customers is good, but having digital and human interaction is better.

Injecting human interaction means personalizing your service. It means your clients don’t just hear from you through their e-mail or feel your presence on social media. It means conducting video calls or personalized chats and text messages. Get creative. The goal is to make your interaction more meaningful to create a lasting positive impression with your clients.

  1. Continued high usage of mobile

Desktop website usage is not going to go away, but high mobile usage will continue. So, optimize your site for mobile viewers.

Make sure your websites are optimized for mobile views and make sure your checkout system includes mobile payment solutions. This also means simplifying your mobile checkout process to improve customer experience.

  1. Brand message

There is a reason companies use digital PR and it mostly has to do with your brand values and reputation. Your brand’s message will never be more important than it will be in 2021.

This is very evident in the marketing messages that brands use at this time of the pandemic. Companies’ willingness to extend help is certainly seen as positive and there is no doubt that consumers will remember those brands favorably as pandemic restrictions ease and lockdowns are lifted.

Make your brand message aligns with what is seen as important today by most people, and make it an important element of your marketing strategy next year.

Consider using visual messaging as it is always more impactful and generate more emotions from consumers. Remember that emotions play an active role in purchases, and you should use that to your advantage.


Key Takeaways

It’s important to keep up with sales and marketing trends because the business world is dynamic, and information is power. Learning new customer preferences will help grow your business and allow you to create a strong sales and marketing plan.

But every business is unique, and not all trends will work for your business. Choose what trends to adopt and choose wisely. Good luck!

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