Self-Promotion 101: How to Use Marketing to Showcase Your Leadership Skills

Knowing you are a great leader is not the same as being able to prove and showcase your leadership skills. After all, a great leader is one that drives results and boosts morale. A great leader is one that can help every individual reach their potential. A great leader is one that knows they are not perfect and always strives to be better.

There are two ways you can market your leadership skills. One, through your work. The second is online through a PR and marketing.


Improve Your Leadership Credentials

First things first, when marketing yourself online you are going to need credential that are recognizable. A CV showcases what you have done, but it isn’t until that interview that hiring managers can finally see those skills come to life. With a website there is no interview process, just what can be seen and shown online.


Obtain a Masters in Leadership

Pursing a Masters in Leadership from Deakin University is a great way to build on your skills and showcase your abilities to the world. You cared enough to head back, build on basics, and leave with cutting edge knowledge in the field. You will have a degree and course materials you can publish online that show your skills and passion in a tangible way.


Showcase Your Work Online

Any work you have completed and any article you can think of to create should be published online. If you want to showcase your leadership skills, you need to be the person to turn to for information. Don’t just be a good leader to your underlings, be a leader in the field.

You can even make a supplementary income from this step if you create very high-quality work or create workshops (in person or online) people can pay and attend.


Keep Your Skills Sharp

The world moves fast, and the workplace moves faster. That is why even after completing a leadership degree you need to work hard to keep your skills sharp and knowledge cutting edge.


1.    Stay Up to Date with the Theory

Stay up to date with any academic journals or in-depth articles on leadership and workplace trends. If you want to be a great leader you need to ensure your employees are in a positive, thriving environment and what that means will change as new research is conducted.


2.    Attend Conferences or Workshops

Attend conferences and workshops regularly. Even if you don’t learn anything new you will have a great chance at networking. One day you will ideally be a speaker at one of these events yourself.


3.    Conduct Your Own Research

If you have the time and inclination you can really prove yourself to be a leader in your field by conducting your own research. This can be into leadership itself, or into your industry.


Improve Your Digital Presence

The next step is to improve your digital presence.


Build a Great, Easy-to-Use Website

First things first, you are going to need the epicenter of you. That epicenter is a website about you and your specialty. To make a website you will need:

  1. A domain name
  2. A hosting company
  3. A theme
  4. A CMS (the most popular is WordPress)

Most themes make it easy to update and customize content as necessary. If you need any additional help ,then you can:

  • Look for online tutorials
  • Read the manual
  • Ask help directly from the theme designer

The pages you will want to focus on first when creating your website will be the:

  1. Home Page
  2. About Page
  3. Contact Page
  4. Specialty Pages (Ex: Portfolio)


Optimize Your Social Media Accounts

Once you have a website and it is up and running (and optimized for mobile) you will then want to optimize your social media accounts.

  1. Go through and delete all personal information (or make it private)
  2. Choose a consistent username
  3. Start a profile on all the main channels

The goal for right now is to create a unified brand. You want someone who has found you on Instagram to know it is you in a second on LinkedIn.


Brush Up On Individual Marketing Strategies

Social media is unique to each channel. This means you cannot cross-post from Instagram to Facebook and expect a healthy amount of engagement. Brush up on the latest social media strategies and work out unique ways to use each platform.


Produce Content Regularly

Content needs to be produced regularly. Focus on high quality articles and then on the social media posts you can create to market these posts.

Being a leader in your field is very similar to being a leader in the workplace. Improve your abilities in both and you will achieve respect and recognition inside and outside of your office.

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