SendPulse Automation 360 Review

SendPulse Automation 360 is a new, automated service to trigger emails, push notifications and SMS.

The purpose of the automation is to capture email and push notification subscribers from your website and then use your data for marketing purposes. You can send the right emails and push notifications at the right time and to the right users. With event-based triggers you can do all of this and have your marketing campaign fully automated for your business.

Automation Options

There are several automation options available when you get started.

You can do sequential automations or event-based automations. Sequential automations are a more simple form which may be sufficient for the normal user and allows you to create a series of automations, a special date email or a triggered email based on a condition as needed.

Event based automations are much more in depth and comes with a beautiful drag and drop interface to drag your actions and events into place. You can start by capturing a subscriber then send them an email and depending on whether they open it or not or click a specific link in the email to take action on that.

The possibilities are endless really, give the Automation 360 panel a try to see what you can do!

Capabilities of Automation

What can you not do with the automation system? Nothing really, it’s capabilities are endless.

Let’s take a test case for example. Say you have an online eCommerce store and you want to convert customers, you’ll create an event-based automation with these events to it:

  1. Abandoned cart custom event is triggered.
  2. Send the customer an email after a set time to remind them about the cart.
  3. Create a condition to see if the customer purchases.
  4. If they purchase, send a thank you SMS or email.
  5. If they don’t purchase, send a reminder email after a set amount of time.

That is just one example of an event based automation you can create.

I played around with the interface and setup an automation to sign up new subscribers then send them an email to determine their gender and then send them emails and push notifications for males and females respectively. I can imagine that works well to target your audience correctly and accurately.

You can also set goals in the automation process so that if a subscriber reaches the goal at any point, the automation series is ended for that subscriber.

Video of SendPulse Automation 360

Watch the video illustration of the service for a more in depth view:

Pros and Cons of SendPulse Automation 360

Let me break it down for you:

Pros of the Service

  • Easy and user-friendly interface.
  • Free service available for everyone.
  • Send to email, SMS or web push.
  • Keep track of online conversions of events.
  • Use data with conditions and filters on your subscribers.
  • and more…

Cons of the Service

  • The event based automations is only available to paid users.
  • API is not yet available but in development.
  • No plugin for WordPress but it is in development.

Try Out SendPulse Automation 360

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  1. Collins Agbonghama on February 9, 2018

    Virtually all email marketing service providers now provide automations. From MailChimp to Aweber to ActiveCampaigns. Great to see SendPulse finally have one built-in. A big reason to give them a try.


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