Seven tips to get the most out of Tik Tok in your marketing strategy

Tik Tok is, without doubt, the revelation application of 2018. The evolution of has become a sensation for young people around the world and has become a more downloaded app than Facebook, YouTube, and Instagram. Tik Tok has more than 130 million active users in the West, especially among young people, a figure that is growing steadily. Therefore, it is configured as a very attractive showcase for a brand to be noticed.

-Create your company page: Tik Tok has a function dedicated to company pages. Businesses can add their ads to Tik Tok, and if from the social network they consider it to be quality content, it will be moved to the top of the users’ feed. This page works as a landing zone, which offers specific functions such as the possibility of collaborating with famous users in the social network says

-Look for the best time to publish: Most users of the social network use it between 20:00 and 24:00, so this stretch is ideal for publishing content, although you always have to take into account the preferences of your followers.

-Choose the type of content well: Most of the content shared by Tik Tok users are music clips. Adapting to this format and using music wisely is key to attracting attention. Originality is important, and choosing an image that captures the public’s attention is also important. If you are trying to grab your user’s attention, leverage buy TikTok likes services and amplify your presence globally on Tik Tok.

-Don’t try to adapt other formats: Tik Tok has its own personality, so trying to adapt content from other platforms doesn’t usually work very well. This is the case of TV ads since the pages that use this type of content to promote themselves have fewer visitors than others with content adapted to the social network.

-Find the ideal frequency: The frequency is essential (sometimes more than the information you want to tell about the company), and from the company itself, indicate that publishing content five times a week is the ideal measure to be noticed.

-Target a young audience: 90% of Tik Tok users are under 35, and 60% have higher education. This demographics, in addition, uses Tik Tok with a daily frequency greater than that of other platforms, such as Facebook and Instagram. The 15-second clips allowed on the social network have been particularly successful in the younger sector of the Internet.

-Interact with users: Following users who follow our site and answering whenever possible is very important to generate positive feedback with the community.

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