Social Media Marketing on a Tight Budget


Social media marketing is among the popular mediums of eComm today, particularly for the younger generations. Aside from publishing the content that they’re passionate about, they also have the opportunity to gain profits from their hobbies.

However, it’s easier said than done. The industry possesses several challenges, and the most prominent factor is budget. In addition to spending on the gadgets you need, you also have to consider paid ads.

Organic traffic won’t be sufficient to help you improve your online presence. However, investing in digital marketing agencies and tools can boost your social media influence significantly. This article will tackle this issue and help you earn profits and save money simultaneously.


Plot Your Budget

Planning your budget should be at the very top of your list. It gives you a clear direction of goals and adjusts your tasks whenever your funds don’t agree with the endeavour. Notably, a dropshipping business can cost you at least $500 to $10,000.

If you’re opting for a small investment, you have to manage your expectations because the business will be harder to manage. However, unlike larger investments, it gives you the luxury of paid ads that significantly widen your internet presence in a short period.


Collaborate with Fellow Influencer

Collaborating with another startup influencer is a popular method of promoting your social media channel. Most of the time it is free, and the only compensation the other asks typically is for you to promote their channel as well. This could involve partnering with another influencer in your niche for a joint giveaway, or creating content together using a camera for influencers. You introduce them to your audience and vice versa—it’s a win-win situation if you will.

Also, working with the right micro-influencer that matches your niche can potentially bring in tons of lead generation and sales conversion. It may be hard to do so at first, but you begin searching for active social media profiles. It indicates that the account owner may be a newbie or struggling to gain traction.


Offer Freebies or Organize Promos

An effective method of attracting new audiences is organizing a live event and giving out freebies. In addition, you can give your viewers an opportunity to win prizes by liking and sharing your posts to their respective social media profiles.

In addition, it is a low-cost way of generating leads compared to using the aid of paid traffic and social media ads. Therefore, it’s also highly advisable to turn to digital marketing agencies to help you with the best way to improve traffic.


Content Agreement between Influencers

Drafting or plotting a content agreement makes it straightforward for both parties the scope of the collaboration. It includes the limitation and tolerable actions that should prevent any mishap. Also, a concise agreement is beneficial when the collaboration requires a sum of money to move forward. It ensures that you receive your money’s worth and receive the expectation you have in mind.

Instead of partnering with a fellow newbie, you can search for a reputable social media influencer and pay them instead to aid the growth of your site faster. It also allows you to have the privilege to have a special request like mentioning your site on a specific date or indicating any particulars about your brand.

In this case, you also need the aid of digital marketing agencies to conduct a complete analysis of your site and give recommendations on how you can carry out the advertisements.

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