The Best Ways to Plan a Twitter Strategy in 7 Steps

Twitter is now one of the biggest social media platforms, with over 262 million users and over 68 million active users every month in the US alone. This avails an opportunity and a platform where business people and brands will showcase what they have and hopefully make a lot of sales from the high traffic.

But as more people join Twitter for business, the competition goes high from time to time, making it harder and harder for new businesses to realize any profits from this platform. To compete favorably on Twitter, you need a solid Twitter strategy, and you need to stick to it. This post looks at some of the best on how you can plan the Twitter strategy that can help you beat competitors and win sales on Twitter.


1.    Understand your target audience

A good marketing plan starts with an understanding of the target audience. This is essential because it guides you on the kind of content you have to post, the time to post, and other things. Note that you are not coming up with a marketing strategy to sell to yourself, so it has to be appealing enough to other people who want to click the link to your blog or website or online store.

Among the things you need to know about your audience is their gender, their time zone, the time when most of them are on Twitter, and so on. Getting such information doesn’t have to be a daunting task as many online tools can help you with it. Twitter analytics, for example, can prove vital when it comes to analyzing your users. Most of these tools are free, and thus you don’t need to have a budget for them.


2.    Get more Twitter followers

Twitter is a social platform, and it can only work best if you have as many followers as possible. And while getting Twitter, followers can be another task altogether; it is not completely difficult. There are many ways to get Twitter followers, one being you following them, and then they follow back. However, if you find that following people before they follow you back, then you can choose to buy Twitter followers at Socialboss. While the cost of buying these followers might be very low, their value is extremely high, as they are genuine and active Twitter followers. Actually, there are a lot of reviews on buying followers, reasons to buy, FAQ, and you can read on social media platform SMMrank.


3.    Work with key success metrics

To succeed as a Twitter marketer, you need to have key metrics upon which to measure your progress. Remember the adage, “If you cannot measure it, you cannot improve it,” by Lord Kevin? Yes, this adage comes in handy for social media marketers. The success of your Twitter marketing strategy is not just about gaining more followers, but mostly money.

As a Twitter marketer, the metrics that you should be so concerned about include conversion rate, time spent on the website, reach, brand mentions, sentiment, and total shares. These metrics are vital when it comes to evaluating the performance of your strategy. If you realize that what you have been doing has not improved these metrics, then it is time to change to another.


4.    Focus on quality and engaging content

The quality of your Twitter content is vital, as it will determine whether or not your current followers should unfollow you. At the same time, it is this content that will drive the key metrics I have mentioned above.

Twitter content includes images, videos, infographics, eBooks, and more. To succeed, the quality of your content should be above reproach and should be clear to all your users. In the content, ensure that you have your brand identity for easy identification and creation of more awareness about your brand to other users on Twitter.


5.    Create a content calendar

One way to easily lose on Twitter is by failing to post regularly. Studies show that those accounts that take too long before they post are ranked much lower than those that post regularly.

As a content strategy, have a calendar on the days you want to be posting. Ideally, you need to post at least three times a week. And the content you post needs to be top quality so that other people can share and retweet them.

And even though it good to post more often, repeating the same content over and over can only work against you. Instead of creating the same content every day and sending it to your followers and other users, you can spend time to connect with your users to find out what they would want you to post, and then create that content. With the character limit on Twitter, it has become quite hard to create as much content as you would have loved. But even with the limit, make sure your message comes out clearly when you write.


6.    Be on the lookout for trending hashtags

The use of trending hashtags is the best way to reach more users and even get more followers to your account. From time to time, you will notice that there are many trending topics, which have more people discussing it. When you get involved in the discussions around the trending hashtags, then it becomes easier for you to increase your visibility on Twitter.

But make sure that you are not just putting yourself out there, even in the wrong place. It is always good to contribute to trending conversations that are relevant to what your business is all about.


7.    Unlink Twitter from Facebook

Linking Facebook and Twitter has become a common practice among many Twitter users. This is because, when they are linked, then a post on your Facebook account will automatically be shared on your Twitter account. This isn’t true anymore.

Twitter has a 140-character limit, which means that the long post you have on Facebook will not even show on Twitter. And what is the point of posting half and incomplete stories to your followers on Twitter? It is better to post on each platform, as each one is unique and needs a different strategy.

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