The Four Success Factors of WordPress Growth

Using WordPress (WP) is one of the most popular ways to create a website, and its market share continues to grow by the day. According to the latest statistics by W3Techs (as of Dec, 2019), WordPress is used by 35.1 percent of all sites, which translates to a 61.9% content system management (CMS) market share. In light of these statistics, you can see why it is safe to conclude that WordPress powers a majority of blogs, business sites, as well as various publishing platforms on the internet.

With that cleared out, the rest of this article covers what WordPress stands for and the four factors behind its exceptional growth.


What WordPress Stands for?

Most of the time, when people mention “WordPress,” they are referring to the content management system (CMS) and not the trademark per se.

So, whenever you come across the word, you can be sure that by definition, it is an open-source CMS/software that assists in managing what is put on the web. When it’s time to start your site, you are more likely to create a hosted blog at, and after that is when you can get the CMS from to host it as you grow your website.

What’s the Difference between WordPress.Com and WordPress.Org? is a freely available service for developing hosted websites and blogs (it also includes paid plans to unlock more features). All conditions set by the platform should be adhered to lest one gets terminated. A light version of the WordPress CMS is used to run the blogs and sites on it. is a community for the entire version of the WordPress CMS that allows users to modify the underlying code. It is also where you can download the software and use it to create sites that can be hosted on any server. Themes and plugins work best with this version.


The 4 Success Factors of WordPress Growth

What are the reasons behind the rapid adoption of WordPress? Take a look:

One CMS on Both .com and .org Platforms

Using a single content management system to develop a free blogging sphere on .com and to have anyone who wants to volunteer on .org (for further development, updating, and use of the CMS) has really contributed to the growth of this platform. It has achieved this by providing users with an opportunity to progress from being users on .com to developers on .org and other private WP products. In turn, this has boosted a sense of community, urging people to embrace the platform further.

It Is an Open-Source Software

WordPress is open-source software, meaning it allows users to change the code to suit their needs. However, even as it does this, it has ensured that there is an excellent functional balance between volunteer developer work and business needs. As such, it has enabled millions of users to customize their code, leading to wins when it comes to user satisfaction and also regarding the adoption of the platform for various uses.

Moreover, by allowing users to customize their code, WP has attracted lots of other interested parties who cannot enjoy the freedom elsewhere.

WordPress Allows People to Build Businesses Related to It

The idea behind providing WordPress CMS for free to the community is to enable them to create online businesses on top of it. And, by outsourcing mobile app for your WordPress blog or eCommerce website, you can reach a broader audience. But, owning a WP site is not the only business people can do on the platform.

Apart from sites and platforms that are managed by WP, the CMS platform also supports other money-making options. And that is provided WP-related services. For instance, WordPress CMS allows for the integration of plugins and themes. Developers can design and build as many plugins and themes as they want as long as they are compatible with WP. These plugins can then be added to the WP repository for users to explore and buy. WP users who want to enhance their visitor’s experiences can add these offerings to their sites. Today, WP has a library of thousands of themes and plugins that serve different purposes and that users can integrate into their websites.

As you can see, there’s more than one way to make money with WP. You can build and offer other valuable services for a fee. The WP trademark owner, Automattic, also does this very well. Apart from owning the CMS platform, the company also provides other services related to WordPress. Some of these include hosting solutions, web backup, site analytics, spam protection, among others. As such, when a person comes to WP to open a blog or business website, they can access other services alongside it without consulting other providers. An example of a WP plugin offered by Automattic is WooCommerce, a top-rated eCommerce platform.

WP Inspires Brand Image and Creative, Positive Communication

One aspect that WordPress is good at is the way it packs its brand image. You will always find headlines, slogans, and brand messages that inspire anyone who visits their platforms. For example, the ‘Code is Poetry’ motto is simple but also a proper representation of what WP developers and designers like to do best. There are inspiring statements on the Automattic webpages too.

WP is also known for its inspiring philosophy. That is to offer excellent service to the community at no cost, and the community gives back a contribution. WP also emphasizes on transparent and clear practices within the community and combines offline events with only communication. These creatively written messages that you will find on many WordPress inspire millions of people and make them enthusiastic about the brand, which in turn, has contributed to WP growth.


Bottom Line

WordPress growth can be attributed to the ease of learning as both .org and .com versions use the same CMS. Also, the fact that it is supported by contributions from a large community allows for the building of businesses that support WP sites (plugins as well as themes), and brands itself as an inspiring, transparent, and creative platform. Today, WordPress has grown to be the biggest and most popular CMS on the market.

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