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WordPress is the king among the leading CMS, undoubtedly. WebsiteSetup reveals this platform held 59.7% of the entire market at the end of 2018. There were more than 22.6 million active sites created and 313,000 pages in the top one million of all websites on the Internet. It means that people used WP to create almost one-third of the most popular web pages, including BBC America, Time, and TechCrunch.

As for now, WordPress features even better numbers. This platform is responsible for 60.7% of the CMS market and for 33.9% of the entire Internet, according to W3Techs. Long story short, even if you don’t have a website based on WP, there are high chances that you often interact with these pages. As a result, the system turns into the most influential web builder with amazing conditions for marketing campaigns.

Let’s find out how you can use WordPress in your marketing strategies.

WordPress for Marketers in a Nutshell

To begin with, it’s important to understand what is WP and how it works. Put simply, it’s a CMS – a system that allows people to create their own websites and manage various content types via these pages. Thanks to the user-friendly interface and rich features (both free and paid), WordPress became an extremely powerful platform for marketing.

Just look at these stats from the official website:

  • 409 million people view WP sites monthly.
  • 20 billion pages are viewed monthly.
  • 70 million posts and 77 million comments are written monthly.
  • 120 languages are supported.

With such a high reach, WordPress can boost your marketing efforts greatly. However, you should know how to interact with the platform and how to maximize the benefits. For this, explore the next sections of this guide.

Strategies Based on WP

Content marketing strategies are familiar for different businesses. They allow to legally promote your products or services through web channels using texts, images, videos, interactive tools, etc. Mainly, content strategies focus on creating relevant and really interesting or useful stuff rather than on direct sales. Modern customers are overloaded with aggressive offerings so they prefer top-quality entertainment or informational posts.

WordPress is also a solid option because it covers all the major marketing goals at once. With it, you can create content, plan and schedule its delivery, use promotional and analytical tools. WP offers almost 55,000 plugins, including SEO modules, features for gathering data, tracking metrics, and targeting audience. Add a clear understanding of your customers, topics, and goals to get the most efficient content strategy ever.

Pro Tips and Tricks

At all, you only should create a site, explore the functionality of this CMS, install required plugins, and enjoy high traffic with cool conversion rates. To maximize profits, you want to use advanced tricks related to WordPress. We will not mention basic suggestions like «Create informative and interesting content» or «Add CTAs» as these ideas are well-known and independent from exact CMS. Instead, we want to focus on WP-specific things.

1. Use SEO Plugins

Despite some modern marketers claim that SEO is no more effective, you still can use it to improve the website’s search results. Surely, this approach should be backed with good quality of posts, high informative value, and usefulness. WP offers several great solutions but we’d suggest Yoast SEO. This free and simple plugin has a few things to check:

  • SEO score.
  • Readability score.
  • Snippet preview for PC/mobile.
  • Tips on images.
  • Length of headings.
  • Meta description analysis.

It really takes a few minutes to check all the core SEO aspects, update your post, and publish it. Don’t neglect using this plugin as it can help with customers’ reach greatly.

2. Optimize Images

Visual elements are necessary for almost all posts as they help to make texts easier to read and add more diversity. Using one picture or infographic, you can deliver the same amount of information than with a whole text body. The only problem with images is that slow down the page’s loading drastically. However, WordPress can deal with this issue.

You can use various plugins but we recommend Smush as it’s the most popular and has great functionality. Compressed images even can boost your results in Google’s rankings because this system considers the loading speed as one of the factors. To boost SEO even more, be sure to add title tags and alternate texts to your images.

3. Make Perfect Links

The linking system is viable for any marketing post. By placing affiliate links or simple citing interesting resources, you can get more readers and increase earnings. Talking about WP, we can’t miss two important tips related to this approach:

  1. Shorten permalinks. These things are simple addresses of all your pages. WordPress generates them automatically but it adds a lot of redundant characters that may confuse visitors and search engines. You can easily edit permalinks and delete excess symbols using the related field at the page’s top.
  2. Check for broken links. Lines with errors are harmful to SEO as Google decreases websites’ positions in the ranking because of them. The plugin named Broken Link Checker or similar tools automatically analyze all your links and allow editing or deleting them from the built-in dashboard.

Additionally, be sure to not overload the content with links but also don’t forget about them. Find the best balance between informational and affiliate resources to attract people and get an extra income. You want to use links to websites with high DR that can generate good traffic.

4. Create a Sitemap

Similarly to permalinks, WP automatically creates sitemaps for each new project. Still, they aren’t perfectly optimized so it will be a good idea to manually edit the sitemap and tailor it to your marketing goals. With plugins like Google XML Sitemaps, you can easily make this stuff more user-friendly and increase its indexation.

The mentioned plugin allows tracking indexed pages of the site and connects to Google so the engine will always know about updates of your pages. Thus, with each new post or edit, Google will re-analyze the website to index it better. Without this feature, search engines are pretty slow as they take months to index various web pages.

5. Go Social

Social media are other powerful platforms that generate traffic. WordPress supports social integration and content sharing so you should opt for these features, as a rule. WP tools allow to insert sharing buttons for different networks, connect to specific sites like Twitter with which users can share the chosen phrases instead of the whole post, create visual cues, schedule sharing, and so on. There are hundreds of social plugins, feel free to choose among them.

Apart from social media connections, you want to add some communication features inside the WP site. For this, consider opening comments. They help to develop the brand’s voice, build a loyal audience, and engage customers. We love Disqus as the main commenting tool and Akismet for spam prevention. Always be sure to answer comments if you want to regularly interact with your readers.

Final Thoughts

Actually, WordPress is suitable for almost any industry and niche. Using it with enough attention, businessmen can promote their products/services quickly and efficiently. We listed only the most important tips but you also can go further and explore more WP options. For instance, integration with analytical tools like Google Analytics allows collecting various data and tracking goals while linked SMM apps make it easier to watch for new trends. Different page builders facilitate creating landings for sales and syndication plugins guarantee the legal and profitable spread of your content.

To use WordPress and get the best results, you always should realize the marketing goals and the business’s requirements. Don’t forget that all sites and platforms are secondary tools. The main one is yours and your employees’ brains. Good luck!

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