Want More Landing Page Conversions?

Landing pages are a crucial element of any business and marketing strategy. Landing page conversions are a main source of income for many businesses. However, brands commonly get it all wrong. They either make it too flashy and complicated or too bland. As with most things, it’s hard to gauge and hit just the right spot with users.

But, there are some known do’s and don’ts that you should follow as you build your landing page:

Do’s to get More Landing Page Conversions

These are some of the things that you should definitely do if you want more landing page conversions:

Do Add a CTA

CTA or call-to-action is a crucial thing on every landing page. The entire landing page is a CTA, in a sense, but specifically, this is a single button which will lead your visitor to whatever it is that you want them to do – subscribe, buy, optin etc.

Everything about this button is important – from color to positioning and the text on it. It can’t be too generic or too long. “Click here!” might work in an occasion where you have already done a great job with copy previously and everything lead to that. However, it’s usually much better if your text is more specific and compelling if you want more landing page conversions.

Do Proofread and edit

There is not a lot of text on your landing page and this means that you need to make sure that it’s all well-written. This means both grammar and context. For one, remove all of the fluff from your content. This is everything that doesn’t serve the purpose of making the reader click the CTA.

Next, make sure that all of your text is accurate and without any grammar or spelling mistakes – these show that you are unprofessional and ignorant of important details and won’t  get you very many landing page conversions.

Do Use Visuals

Most people prefer consuming information through images and animations, so adding pictures and graphs as well as animations is a good idea. These will grab attention and make sure that your user gets the context of the page quickly.

Do Add Social Proof

People always trust businesses more if they can provide some proof that other people have used their service or product and enjoyed it.

Do test the page

You have plenty of ways to test your page – button colors, text, images and so on. Many services offer different ways of testing.

Do include relevant content

The content on your landing page needs to be well-written, relevant and compelling. It also needs to answer all objections, transparently present the products or services and share benefits of clicking the CTA.

Don’ts of getting more landing page conversions:

Here are some things that you should definitely not do on your landing page.

Don’t add popups

Popups are annoying to most users and not effective at all. Your landing page is not the best place for this and all the users will do is switch it off.

Don’t mess up your headline

Headlines are crucial for landing page conversions – most readers won’t go past them unless they are really good. Even then, they will probably base the majority of their decision whether to act or not on these headlines. Make sure you do your best copywriting here.

Don’t make it complicated

Landing page should be simple – there is no reason to confuse the user with ads, irrelevant content or offers. You should create a landing page for each offer and never offer multiple things on a single page. Different pricing plans, on the other hand, are a great option for more landing page conversions.

Don’t forget to make it responsive

Majority of people nowadays use their mobile devices for browsing. This means that they will see your page from a much smaller screen. Optimize your page so it works on all screens.

Don’t request duplicate information

If your user is already a subscriber or has been on your site previously, make it easier for them to act by auto-filling the forms. This will make the process smoother and decrease the number of people who gave up mid-form.

Don’t mess up your CTA position

The CTA should be the most prominent thing on your page. This means that you shouldn’t make the users scroll for too long to click it. You can even add the several same CTAs to your page to make it even more effective and get more landing page conversions.

These have been some of the most important do’s and don’ts of having and creating a landing page. While it may seem simple, getting it exactly right is difficult. Many things will depend on your brand and industry, your audience especially. However, testing and following these tips will allow you to get the basics right – you can build upon them. Hopefully, it will help you get the most conversions out of your landing page.

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