What are the benefits of using Instagram for business?

Have you ever noticed just how many businesses and brands are starting to make use of Instagram as a part of their marketing strategy? Are you also wanting to make use of Instagram for your business but have no idea if it will actually be beneficial?

The use of Instagram for businesses has been growing rapidly over the last few years and with its continuous growth in popularity, it’s not hard to see why. It’s no secret that Instagram is one of the most popular social media platforms around. with a user baser of over 1 billion people and counting, as well as so many ways to target audiences with tools such as Task Ant which suggests the best hashtags, this platform offers brands an excellent opportunity to engage with potential customers through visually appealing photos or videos while showcasing both their products and services.

There are now so many different brands, both big and small that have chosen to use Instagram to market and have found great success. There are so many other benefits and if you would like to learn what those are, here are a few.


You can develop a relationship with audience

The users of Instagram like getting to know brands on a more personal or intimate level. Social media, specifically Instagram is a place where people come to socialised making it a great place for businesses to create a connection with the audience and socialise with them in real time.

There are so many benefits behind creating a meaningful relationship with your audience and customers but the most prominent is that a relationship like this also creates a sense of laity from the customers. There are also many ways to get new followers, and many services available to do this, like Growthoid, an organic growth service. If customers feel like they have a personal relationship with a brand they are more likely going to want to share their name, but also to shop more exclusivity at that shop. Increasing brand loyalty and brand awareness are a few key steps in becoming successful on Instagram.


There’s a massive targeted audience

By far the biggest benefit of making use of instream as a business for your marketing instead of just going with a traditional marketing strategy, is that you now have access to an insanely massive, and global audience. in traditional marketing you are typically restricted to your local area or the area you choose to market in, and then also to the limited amount of you target audience that may be in that area. However, instream has a massive user’s base of over 1 billion people now meaning that you will then have access to so many more people who will fall part of your target audience.

Instagram even has tools and methods which allow you to target your specific audience such as hashtags for example. Hashtags are an incredible way to specifically target a niche audience that you know for sure will be interested in your content.


You can use influencers and ads

Influencers are basically the celebrities of the social media world, and with instream having so many users, there are quite a few who have managed to rack up millions of followers. One of the biggest benefits to using Instagram as a business is that you have access to collaborate with these influencers if they want to. Most of the time they will be happy to help out small businesses or even work on some sponsored posts for other big businesses.

If you don’t score much luck with the influencers, you can always make use of their ad or sponsored post features, which allow for your content to be pushed to people who fall part of your target audience but most likely don’t follow you yet.


You can promote across platforms

Another very popular platform for businesses to make use of is Facebook. One of the great things about marketing on Instagram is that it allows you to post your content, not only on instream, but rather across platforms too. This means that you could post your content on instream and then choose for it to be posted on Facebook and Twitter at the same time. There is less effort and input from you but ultimately more pay off and you can now reach across the demographics that the various platforms have to offer.

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