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Recently, a friend/colleague (Scott Frangos) approached me with a great idea for a plugin and asked me if I’ll be able to develop this plugin and provide my expertise in the process in order to create an innovative, usable product as a result. I like(d) the idea and immediately took on the task.

The plugin is called MaxRef Widgets and has been released under a GPL license. In other words, the plugin is free and may be freely redistributed, edited and used.

The MaxRef widgets plugin is a universal and flexible plugin which provides you with an unlimited number of sidebar widgets, each individually configurable. The widgets are small blocks in the sidebar(s) of your WordPress site displaying posts, pages, categories, links, comments and much more. The beauty and innovation of the plugin lies in its ability to sort, truncate, exclude and modify link items according to your needs.

Give it a try and feel free to subscribe to the “MaxRef Widgets” mailing list here on the Tribulant Software Blog in order to receive updates via email regarding new releases of the MaxRef Widgets plugin.

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  1. Paul on March 20, 2011

    still not entirely sure, how or why I would use such a plugin…. an example would be great, of course I’ll download it and try it for myself to get a feel but would be nice to have a clearer idea before hand.


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