WordPress Popup plugin 1.7

A new update for the WordPress Popup plugin is now available. Version 1.7 is a major release with great new features, improvements and bug fixes.


Popup Plugin Features

  • Show popup content from, WYSIWIG Editor, WordPress post/page, Widget or External Page
  • Create unlimited popups per website
  • Advanced show and hide functions
  • Attributes and styles
  • Advanced positioning
  • Popup Effects
  • Visit Tracking


New Features

Responsive Popups


This plugin support responsive popups. Create beautiful popups for your website which will also display great on all mobile devices. The popup plugin is cross browser compatible and fully responsive.

Custom Text to Close Button

Show a close button with Close text, custom text or X. You can also set triggers on the close button to close automatically after x seconds, close whenever a user clicks outside the popup modal or close when user presses the ESC button.

Device Detection


A new setting for device detection is available in the configuration settings of the plugin. You can select the devices on which you need the popup to show. You can show the popup on Mobile, Tablet and Desktop or only on a specified device.

Subscribe Forms


Display beautiful newsletter subscribe forms with the popup plugin. You can either display a subscribe form with a widget, shortcode or offside code. This plugin is fully compatible with the WordPress Newsletter Plugin.


Bug Fixes

  • Trigger from search engine not working
  • Clicking input fields, etc. while editing popup ticks/checks checkboxes/radio/etc.
  • Once per browser session popups aren’t working
  • Semi-transparent overlay overlapping the popup
  • Datepicker not working on date input fields
  • Newsletter subscribe form mailing list dropdown not showing when displaying widget
  • Popups not saving
  • Plugin not asking for serial key


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  1. Juliya on April 5, 2019

    And what about the use of mailing in messengers, are they very popular now? Should I use them?

  2. Barny on April 5, 2019

    In the plugin settings, you can set the frequency of banner impressions? And Google does not swear at these banners much?

  3. Anime on November 7, 2016

    Does it increase your server load by much, though? I’m asking because my website uses a lot of plugins already, and I don’t want to increase the load time of my website. I know it has to load the plugin files to force the popup to.. pop up, but I want to make sure it isn’t going to drastically slow my site down in the process. If it does, do you know any good alternatives?

    • Antonie Potgieter on November 7, 2016

      No, it won’t increase server load much. It will load the Popups plugin’s Javascript and the popups are very lightweight.


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