Renderforest review

Renderforest review

Need to make a high quality video fast and easy? Check out Renderforest. It’s a free online video production platform, which makes it possible to create promotional videos,  special event videos and  more. The best part is, you don’t have to be a professional video editor to create stunning videos.

Whether you want to make a powerful statement, articulate your ideas, or simply make people remember you, online video editor tool by Renderforest makes it easy to transform your vision into a professional looking video. There are plenty of ready made stories to choose from, or you can start building from scratch.

Easter is approaching, so it is a perfect opportunity to make a nice video for your loved ones.

1. Start by navigating to the Templates page and choose your desired template

There are hundreds of animated scenes which can be configured as you please. We will choose the Easter Bunny video template which you can find under Video Templates>Promotional>Special Events.

2. Get your Easter basket ready and edit the template to fit your needs.

You can add and/or change everything – from text to music, images and more.

3. When you are done editing, the final step is to preview your video, before you decide to publish

You will need to subscribe in order to use single screen preview. Watch the Easter Video example from above.

There are a few Monthly and Yearly subscription plans available:

1. Free –  make as many videos as you want up to 3 minutes long with 360p quality. This plan also includes 500MB storage, free logo in PNG and limited number of music tracks. Watermark on your videos is a must if you choose this plan.

2. Monthly Amateur – for $59 per month you can say goodbye to watermark and have up to 5 HD720 videos which can be up to 5 minutes long. This plan also includes up to 10 GB storage and 30+ commercial music tracks.  Yearly Amateur –  $14 per month, billed annually.

3. Monthly Pro – if you are constantly creating videos, this plan is for you. You get 20 HD720 videos per month(up to 15 minutes long) as well as up to 20GB storage,  50+ commercial music tracks and 1 high quality vector logo per month. All that for the price of $89 per month. Yearly Pro – $29 per month, billed annually.

4. Monthly Popular – create up to 30 minutes long videos(40 videos in HD720 or 20 videos in HD1080) and unlimited logos. Get up to 40 GB storage and 80+ commercial music tracks. No video watermark. $109 per month. Yearly Popular – $39 per month, billed annually.

5. Monthly Agency – This plan is perfect for companies who are in need of many videos per month. Up to 60 minutes long (100 HD720 or 50 HD1018) videos and up to 80 GB storage It also includes 120+ commercial tracks and unlimited logo creations. Yearly Agency – $49 per month, billed annually.

If none of the subscription plans are suitable for you, there is a Pay per product option.

Depending on the video quality you choose to download, the prices are $9.99 for a SD 360P single video export, $19.99(plus $5 for Promo Category) for a HD 720P single video export and $29.99(plus $10 for Promo Category) for a HD 1080P single video export. Web quality rendering is free, but has watermarks on a video.

A special, enterprise solution is also available. This is the right solution for companies who create a huge number of videos per month. See the screenshot bellow to find out more about the enterprise plan.



Whether  you are an amateur or a professional, Renderforest with its many video creating/editing options and various subscription plans is the right choice for everyone. Whether you go for a free web quality video or a payed HD video quality, you can rest assured that Renderforest will make it easy for you to create any kind of video you need.


Renderforest Online Logo Maker

Another great feature from Renderforest we are sure you will love is Reenderforest Online Logo Maker. In a few easy steps, make the logo for your company, without the use of expensive professional logo making services.

1. Enter your company name to start making your logo


2 Provide more details about what kind of logo are you looking for, or tell more about your company.

3. Choose the font you would like to use in your logo

4. Try different styles and get to see the live preview of the changes you make.

5. Customize and Finish


6. Choose your logo download options

And that’s it, your logo is ready! Easy, fast and affordable, Renderforest Online Logo Maker helps you create the logo you can be proud of.



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