Simple Ways to Secure Your WordPress Website in 2019

WordPress is one of the most popular content management system (CMS) used by bloggers and businesses. Due to this increased usage, malicious hackers from all over the world have taken this advantage to hack these websites. In most instances, the hackers’ aims are messing with websites to create chaos. In other times, they perform evil actions such as stealing client’s credit information. In addition to this, hackers also access email lists from your website to send spams to your clients’ emails. Unfortunately, clients respond to these emails. The result of this process is hacking their credit cards.

For several reasons, there is no doubt that your websites ought to be secured. You can take several precautions to ensure that your site is secure from the acts of these hackers. Getting hacked can lower your ranking in SEO. Some people spread myths regarding such happenings which might ruin you if not careful. Here are a few but sure ways to secure your WordPress.

1. Use strong passwords

As you create a WordPress account always choose complicated combinations to make your password. This is a part where you should display sophistication. Instead of using letters, you could replace them with numbers that seem similar in some way. An example is using ‘0′ instead of ‘O’. Unfortunately, hackers are aware of these tricks since they live amongst us. As a result, use numbers and letters, sprinkled with a variety of symbols.

Despite being a complicated password, ensure that you can remember it without saving it on Google. Besides, make it a habit of changing your passwords on a weekly basis. It is better since you will have secured your website and client’s private information as well. To ensure that you remember them, have a physical notebook where you note them down to avoid the cumbersome process of retrieving passwords.

2. Employ a two-factor authentication

When creating your account, set it up in a way that you log in through two levels. In the first one, you enter your password first. However, to access your account, you are required to bypass another level of security that verifies your account. There are many ways to verify accounts;

  • Send secret code to your mobile phones
  • Use secret question
  • Email verification through a secret code

Although this process sounds quite hectic at the start, do it for the safety of your website.

3. Always allow automatic core updates

With the new hacking strategies, the app keeps on being updated for security reasons and other formal updates. As soon as a new update happens, always ensure that yours becomes updated too. This is to ensure that you have the latest version of WordPress. Fortunately, automatic updates are always set on as default. Unless you switch off by mistake, you will always receive these notifications. Check WordPress settings to ensure that you are on.

4. Limit login attempts

In WordPress, a user is allowed to attempt to log in as many times as possible. This is to accommodate the many people who forget their passwords. This is a default setting that never limits attempts. Though this is convenient for you, it might give hackers ample opportunities to try passwords combinations as many times as possible. Fortunately, there is always an easy way to avoid this. You can use free plugins to limit the number of attempts to as little as you wish. In the end, hackers will have fewer chances to crack your passwords.

5. Hide login page

After signing in to WordPress, a user is directed to a particular page that displays something like ‘wp-login.php.’ With this kind of a page, you will effortlessly to get hacked. Fortunately, there are several ways to mask these pages to limit a hacker’s choices. There are several plugins which are installed to erase common paths such as wp-login. An example is the Lockdown WP Admin that sets up your account in such a way that when someone gets hold of your old login page, they will get redirected to a 404 error page.


It doesn’t matter as to whether you are a beginner or an experienced user of WordPress; we all have to protect our websites from hackers and other attacks. Always install various security tools to protect your login and admin page. To avoid the aftermaths of a security breach is better than dealing with the consequences of being ignorant.

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