Top 8 Benefits of Installing WordPress with Reverse Proxy

A reverse proxy acts as a bridge that sends requests and receives responses from servers. It is an essential tool for business owners who want to launch blogs for their businesses.

WordPress is the most preferred blogging platform by businesses. That’s because of its efficient Content Management System. But then, installing it on the webserver that hosts your primary site is a challenge. But, a reverse proxy can help you to get around these installation challenges.

Many people do not understand the need for a reverse proxy when installing WordPress. It is worth noting that the benefits of a reverse proxy go beyond installation and blogging. This article explains how installing WordPress with a reverse proxy can benefit you.

Let’s get into it.


1. Enhances Branding

Running a WordPress blog alongside your main site can be challenging. Asking visitors to click away from your main site to access your blog can affect user experience. That can have a significant impact on your bounce rate. The best thing to do is to unify the two sites.

Unifying both sites gives your visitors a better experience and enhances brand protection. It makes it easy to access products or services and read your blog without clicking away from one site. It helps to create a positive perception of your brand and enhances credibility.


2. Improves SEO

Installing WordPress with a reverse proxy gives your SEO efforts a boost. Putting efforts on two separate websites is overwhelming and time-consuming. Unified sites are manageable and doing SEO for them looks more like working on a single site.

The SEO values for one site affect the other when they’re unified. For instance, your WordPress site will also enjoy your primary site’s traffic. Meaning all your websites will grow together with your business.

Good SEO on either site benefits another in a certain way. For instance, using the right set of keywords on WordPress will help you attract new traffic. Visitors on your blog may head on to your main site to check your products or services. The quality of content you post on your blog and the ease with which they can access it will play a vital role.


3. Exhibits Professionalism

The best way to impact an audience is to prove that you’re professional. Professionalism can help you increase your conversion rates and generate more leads. A good first impression will help you exhibit a sense of professionalism.

Having your site and blog as one can help you make a good first impression. Your website visitors will not have to click away from one site to access another. Such a seamless experience will be impossible without a reverse proxy.

Buying reverse proxies is like purchasing residential proxies Be careful to ensure that you choose a trustworthy provider that will help create a good image for your brand. By combining your WordPress and main site, a reverse proxy makes the two appear to be served from one subdirectory.


4. Shows Single-Site Simplicity

Simplicity is an essential aspect for every business that has an online presence. It is vital to ensure that your website and blog are as easy to use as possible. An easy-to-use website and blog will increase customer dwell time and conversion rates.

A reverse proxy aids this simplicity by making it easy to unify your primary site with WordPress. It makes your website visitors a click away from accessing and reading your blog. That makes interacting with your two websites as simple as using any single website.


5. Allows Blog Content on WordPress

Blogs are powerful tools for businesses and nonprofit organizations. They help organizations build audiences daily and sell products or services. Companies prefer specialized blogging websites such as WordPress for blogs. The rest of what they offer goes into their primary websites.

As mentioned earlier, one of the most popular platforms for blogging is WordPress. It has an efficient content management system and also is generally unique for blogs. The problem with using WordPress for blogging has to integrate it with your website.

A reverse proxy helps to integrate WordPress with your main website. Once you combine the two, blogging becomes more manageable. WordPress’s great introductory and advanced authoring features will help you in every step.


6. Improves Security

Security is a significant concern for businesses that operate online. Having a website and a separate blog increases vulnerabilities for your business. That means you have to enhance security on your main site and blog to avoid any attacks.

As a business owner, the best way to avoid attacks is to integrate your website and blog. A reverse proxy, as mentioned earlier, is the tool that makes all that possible. That means you will no longer have to divide your security efforts to serve both sites.

You will invest in security tools that will detect and remove malware on both sites. Besides, firewalls, SSL certificates, and security updates will also serve both websites.


7. Efficient Caching

If you have static content on your website, caching can be a great thing for you. Caching is worth considering for any business looking to enhance customer experience. One of its main benefits is that it reduces response time and saves on bandwidth.

A reverse proxy is one of the most efficient tools for caching. If you want to blog on WordPress it will be best to install it with a reverse proxy. That’s because the proxy will help reduce the workload on your servers. That will improve user experiences and make your business more efficient.


8. Enhances Compression

Compression for requests is one of the functions of web servers. Outgoing requests get compressed while incoming ones get decompressed for bandwidth reduction. The need for compression may be even higher if requests come on your primary site and WordPress blog.

That means your backend servers may get overwhelmed and become less efficient. The best way to reduce the workload on web servers is by deploying a reverse proxy.

It enhances compression and reduces the workload on backend servers. It also makes it easier to send and receive requests. That improves user experience on your websites.



WordPress has a fantastic design that supports e-commerce. So, you can set up your store on the platform or use it as a display for the products or services you sell. There are various WordPress themes available in the platform and they are easy to use, have great security features, and allow customization.

Whatever end goals you have, integrating the two sites will increase your efficiency. Sometimes you may need to use a separate domain for your WordPress site. But then, you shouldn’t disrupt the setup of your main site or affect how WordPress works.

A reverse proxy will help you enjoy the convenience and SEO benefits of WordPress. This happens as you continue to run your primary website as usual. It will also help you save valuable time and money. You can also use it to avoid downtime and disruptions on your main website.

It will help to offload the main infrastructure issues that your organization faces. That makes it worth using if you want to build a robust blog that your target audience will enjoy. It also makes it easy to manage as you do everything together with your main site.

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