5 SEO Trends You Should Not Miss In 2021

A well-planned website, quality content and unmatchable service, what’s next?

The next step your business needs to proceed is exceptional SEO that will drive traffic to your website and start the sales process.

It may seem hard to mark your position constantly on the first page of search engine results but evolving SEO trends have made it possible for businesses to try new strategies and attract customers through unique ways. With the new SEO trends being the talk of the market, you must not miss out on the array of advantages of the same.

Learn about some efficient 5 SEO trends to look out for in 2021 and shoot your ranking high on search engine results and enjoy more conversion rates.



Artificial intelligence is the science that makes the machines smart. Machines can now work like humans to do the work assigned to them. A variety of SEO tools exist today in the market that can hear, see, speak, move, or even write without being programmed to get better. A great example of such a smart machine is Alexa.

According to a senior Google scientist, Greg Corrado who was a part of the development of Rankbrain stated that it has unique ways of learning and is evolving by time. This algorithm plays an important role in Google’s ranking factors for search engine results pages (SERPs) results.

Artificial Intelligence has become a necessity as the expectations are high from SEO. Huge amount of data can be extracted from search data that can be used to produce great results for marketing strategies.

The applications of Artificial Intelligence cover a massive ground. Various technologies are included in this umbrella term that performs better and faster than humans. The prime function performed by Artificial Intelligence in SEO offers exceptional data analysis that is an excellent part of the 5 SEO trends you should not miss in 2021.



The mobile voice search feature is utilized by 27% of the users based on the reports generated by Google. Among online users, this feature is gaining popularity in comparison to the traditional method of search. Due to the speed and ease of this feature, many businesses utilize it in their SEO strategy.

But, how does mobile voice search favor SEO? Mobile voice search recognizes the language of the user and thus produces results according to it. Voice Search SEO is a unique way or a technique that is known to optimize Metadata, Keywords, phrases, content, and more.



Good ranking and conversion can be achieved through content that has balanced the keywords and includes information that the user seeks. Beating around the bush would decrease the conversion rate on your content and will fail any of your expert SEO strategies. The quote Content is King is very true in the context of any business that aims at running successfully in a pool of competitors.

This strategy will enable you to deliver the right content to the right audience. To get better conversion rates,

  • One should start by addressing their targeting audience. This way, you can shape your content as per the perspective of your ideal customers.
  • Keywords need to be added at Prime SEO spots like Meta titles, Meta descriptions, and others.
  • Content should comprise both short and long-tail keywords. It will make it optimal content with all the required points done correctly.



Many businesses offer a very smooth browsing experience on the desktop but fail to provide the same when accessed on a mobile. With more and more users using smartphones for search, it has become equally crucial to offer lightning browsing speed and a polished experience on the mobile interface of your online platform.

A slow loading web page of your website not only hampers the mood of your visitor but also bestows a failed first impression. Rectify the same by optimizing the web pages and keep a regular check on the loading speed on both the devices. Mobile Usability Report for your website can be checked through Google Search Console.



Including video content in SEO marketing strategy has retained its position as one of the 5 SEO trends that you should not miss out on in the coming year. The video content is far more engaging than the readable form of content and helps you deliver the message in the best way possible. By including an impressive storyline or situations, businesses can connect with their target audience emotionally and mentally. One can witness the engagement on the videos posted on YouTube as an example of effectiveness.

It increases the conversion rate for the product you are offering by showcasing to your customers what all they can benefit from the same. Paint a real picture of your offering in your customer’s mind & you can expect a boost in sales with this excellent SEO trend in 2021. Apart from entertainment, they are a great source of attracting customers. It will help you showcase your authentic brand image to your audience.



Let the users around your onsite store so that they can reach you directly to avail your service. Start by creating a Google My Business page attached with a strong backlink profile. You will be able to appear in the SERP’s result through zero click search. It will help you capture your nearby customers in the easiest way.

Some of the other SEO trends that many businesses have been following are quality traffic, BERT and User focussed Optimization, and more. SEO has grown to be more intricate with the increasing number of users on the internet.

So, start by analyzing your competitors who are successful in the market and learn about their effective ways of generating leads and traffic. Utilize the above-mentioned result-driven 5 SEO trends that will help you boost your sales with ease.

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