5 Techniques To Drive Organic Traffic To Your Website

If you ask a business owner what they want for their business, perhaps the answer would almost always be along the lines of having more customers and earning more profit. In today’s digital age, more website traffic has become synonymous with more potential customers. Your website needs to drive more traffic, so it can have increased chances of gaining more leads.

In the context of digital marketing, organic traffic refers to the visits coming into your website as a result of your search engine ranking, and not through paid advertisements. Meaning to say, if you optimize your content and rank high among the search engine results pages (SERPs), online users will see your website easily, prompting them to click on it. As you continually gain more traffic, you’ll generate more leads, and eventually, sales.

With that in mind, here are five techniques on how you can drive organic traffic to your website:


  1. Optimize Your Website For More Searches

To bring more organic traffic to your website, it’s a given that you have to optimize your website for more searches, typically through the techniques set forth by search engine optimization (SEO). Among all these techniques for website optimization, the most effective strategy you can choose to apply is a keyword search.

With the right keywords in place, you can expect it to rank successfully with search engines. If you don’t know where and how to start with your keyword search, there are online SEO tools, such as a/b testing tool for SEO, that can help you with discovering the keywords your pages could rank for. In doing so, you’re not just placing any keywords at random, but you’re strategically putting in-demand keywords that’ll drive results on your pages.


  1. Engage In Social Media Conversations

If you already have a social media account for your business, on top of your website, then you can get started on engaging in conversations.

This means being more active across social media channels. Doing so goes beyond just sharing links on your social media accounts that direct to your website. It’s about sparking an interest and enthusiasm in your target market’s minds regarding the products and services that you offer.

There are many ways you can do this, such as the following:

  • Posting polls on your Instagram stories
  • Replying to the comments on Facebook and Instagram
  • Retweeting or responding to people’s tweets or inquiries on Twitter
  • Holding live chats

When you engage in conversations, you’re making your brand more well-known, thereby creating that interest among other users to check out your website and offers.


  1. Advertise

You can’t go wrong with advertising your website. You need to get the word out about the existence of your business, so online users will know what you have for them. Remember that the competition is very stiff, so if you don’t promote your business, then your target market might still be making your competition their website of choice.

Rather than solely focusing on paid advertising, you can also saturate your use of social media sites to increase your organic traffic, given their popularity and wide use. When you attempt to make your website known by linking it to your social media posts, you may drive a wider reach of organic traffic toward your website.


  1. Mix Things Up

One of the most important aspects of any website is content. Not only does this serve as the main core for all your ads, but it’s also where you’re going to place your keywords so that search engine crawlers can have something to skim through when evaluating your content for ranking.

To avoid creating monotonous and plain content, you’ll have to mix things up from time to time. This means creating balance with long-form content and shorter ones or text, video, and graphic posts. This is how you can make your content appealing to a wider scope of readers and viewers who have different preferences.

For instance, you can have shorter blog posts for product descriptions and news-type articles. If you need to have longer articles, you can opt to insert videos and infographics in them to achieve maximum impact on your website’s visitors.


  1. Keep Your Content Fresh

Keeping your content fresh doesn’t just mean posting relevant content every time you have one up for publishing. This also means reviewing your old content, then revising it to make it fresh and updated. If there’s content that’s outdated or no longer relevant in today’s time, then it’s better to remove these than to have them still lingering on your website.

Content freshness is important as it drives more website visitors to go through all the other pages on your website, and not just the new content. The more interesting your older topics are, the higher the chances of these website visitors to stick to your website and keep coming back for more information.

In addition, you rank higher when all the pages on your website have good-quality content because apparently, low-quality content will pull down your rankings. In effect, your website earns a higher chance to make it to the top search engine results. That, in itself, drives more organic traffic to your site.



Your website is really only that ‘effective’ when you’re able to bring in more traffic. It’s not just enough to have a website up and running, then disregard the metrics—whether or not traffic is coming in. To be competitive and to increase your market share on the World Wide Web, you need to be able to drive more traffic to your website, coming from search results, and not just through paid ads. If you don’t know where to begin, the tips above are insightful enough to get you started.

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