Beginners Guide: How to Promote Your WordPress Blogging Site

WordPress is one platform that has made blogging easier. Anybody and everybody can now easily start a blog according to their own passions and gain exposure. However, having a creative blog that has appealing content and launching it online is not enough. To increase traffic and SERP rating, you need to focus on promoting the site too.

Marketing techniques can be easily utilized to target the right audience and garner their attention. Even though you don’t need to be a marketing guru for that, conveying an organization’s message to a larger audience can be tricky. According to the latest WordPress statistics, over 409 million people are estimated to view an approximate of 21.2 billion pages belonging to WordPress each month. These figures go on to show that there is a variety of many WordPress sites and blogging profiles, and many of the viewers that visit them might not be the right audience referring to sites they would actually prefer.

Technology advancements and with Google continually updating how it ranks and rates the websites, it has become a challenge for bloggers and marketers to get the right traffic and stay on top of the SERP results. This is why it better to stay ahead of the game and make your platform basics strong.


Ten beginner-friendly ways to promote your WordPress blog

Thus, here is a collection of ten beginner-friendly ways you can control your WordPress marketing basics and cover all ground to promote your blog page.


1.    Utilizing social media marketing

Social media platforms like Facebook have become the go-to source of validation for a lot of businesses, including blogging sites. Having a reputable and strong online presence is an automatic guarantee of being a good enough, reliable platform. As social media is a transparent and thorough medium. It is not easy to fake your popularity anymore. The audiences have become educated over time and are knowledgeable about the differences of a legitimate profile having real followers and subscribers as compared to a fake profile with fake accounts and bots as followers.

Therefore, if you own a WordPress blog, you can strategize your online presence by posting snippets of your recent blog posts and allowing your audience to comment underneath and engage. Not only can they do this before reading your blog, but after it. They can engage with your content theme before they read the whole thing. And even after they have read it, they can leave their opinions as to how they like it.


2.    Customizable permalinks

Permalinks or Permanent Links are permanent URLs of blog posts and pages on a WordPress site. They are part of the core framework of any WordPress blog and should be dictated as soon as your brand new website takes off. Mainly, they are best utilized to optimize your content by ensuring that the URLs used in your blog posts contain useful keywords. WordPress will generate a permalink for you automatically. As a blog owner, all you need to make sure is that the content is rich with important keywords and is readable at the same time.

To make the best use of your permalinks, use them in a way that they reflect your content to your readers as soon as they arrive at one. Among many uses of permalinks, few of the main ones are:

  • External linking to your content
  • Internal linking by another blogger
  • Sharing content on different social media platforms
  • Sharing content as portfolio through email
  • Google indexing


3.    Use guest posts to your advantage

Guest posting means you create, write, and post a blog article on somebody else’s website or blogging platform. Now many bloggers undermine thinking guest posting is a waste of time that doesn’t do any good for their webpage. However, what they don’t realize is that guest posting is a great strategy that can be utilized to promote your blogs to a broader network of audiences online.

The idea is to get your article published on a higher ranking site that is widely acclaimed and renowned for its feature blogs. A site that usually hits a better DR than yours has more chances of likely traffic. People reading your guest post will be provided with that external link, linking them back to your website. It will not only improve your overall ranking on Google, but a popular one-time guest post would allow many other fruitful chances too.


4.    SEO-friendly blogs

Google paves the way for all the updates that are then later implemented by other search engines like Yahoo and Bing. SEO was one such update where optimizing even the titles and descriptions of the article became important as Google started rating search engine results based on them. Ever since then, WordPress has developed a robust collection of SEO plugins with tons of options like Toast SEO, All In One SEO, etc. These plugins are specifically made to create rich SEO meta-descriptions and title tags according to your articles and blog posts.

After that, as a creator, all you need to make sure is that your meta-description is not a rip-off and doesn’t sound robotic when read. It should be fluent and easy to read as well as contain relevant keywords that not only attract organic SEO traffic but are naturally appealing too.


5.    Incorporating video marketing

Nowadays, YouTube has become a bigger platform compared to many others who started before, after, or even exactly around the time it came into being. Over the past decade gone by, YouTubers have become more significant influencers taking video content to newer extremes and making it one of the most engaging ways of promotion. As YouTube became the ideal choice amongst other social media platforms to convey visual messages, the aspects through which it started to being utilized, expanded as well.

Even though it is a great promotional technique to have a popular and audience’s favorite YouTuber talk about your blog or article, but it mainly requires creativity on your side. You cannot restrict a YouTuber to fulfill your demands remaining within your professional limits. Firstly, you need to find the right one that has a similar audience that might cater to your type of content, too, and then proceed accordingly.


6.    Optimize your site for voice search

Voice search is the new norm. With more modern technological advancements and the digital age on its rise, people don’t sit around and type their searches anymore. With more on-the-go and conversational tones paving the way, people search through queries and phrases instead of rigid keywords. Thus, optimizing your WordPress site for voice search is the best way to go. It is highly likely that by the future, there are more voice searches, and the standard search options completely die down. It is why for having a long term benefit of a website that has its basics strong. It is in the best interests of the blogger to have their blogging profile and website content voice search optimized.

It is relatively easy to optimize your content for voice search. As it mainly uses longer conversational phrases, which you can add in your meta-descriptions and headlines to make it easier for Google voice search to pick up and show as the likely results.


7.    Increase networking

Blogging might not be the purest form of business. Still, it carries many businesses like qualities in nature that apply to any normal business line, one of them being the power of networking. Even in the field of blogging and social media influencer market, it is just as important to know people as it is crucial to know your subject line. Knowing the right people that can influence your popularity and take your blog post to its optimum level is worth knowing. Influential friendships in the realm of your professional life can work in the best interest of your business. Important people can help take your business forward and help extend the reach of your blogs that will, in turn, increase your rating and traffic.


8.    Allocate a budget for your site promotion

Every business talks big about organic site promotion. However, every business person would agree that organic promotional efforts are just one half of the marketing story. The other half is through paid promotion. For example, you write and submit a great article about “Doing Good Leeds,” and you would want a certain number of knowledgeable audiences to take a read and be willing to share your content. After putting in the hard work that you have, you will not leave your article on the whims of your guesses and assumptions of organic reach. You will allocate a budget to your promotional efforts and utilize an amount from that said budget to help your work getting recognized rightfully.


9.     Promote other content through internal linking

People undermine the value of internal linking. A good internal linking structure can be extremely resourceful. Taking the same example mentioned above, after having spent a certain amount on your blog post, it should be heavily interlinked to other important articles you published on your website. Not only will this automatically increase your rating, but people would stay longer and consume more of your content. You’ll be surprised to see how effective this strategy can be in promoting your blogging profile.


10.    Double down on what works for you

Lastly, the best way to maintain and stay ahead of your game is to continue doing what works for you and putting in more effort while doing so. Doubling down on what works for you while other aspects remain the same or even if you have to compromise on one of them is acceptable because your efforts would be getting utilized where there are guaranteed benefits. It will, in turn, make up for any other aspect you are leaving behind. Once your WordPress website develops, you might consider reaching out to a WordPress agency for optimizing the performance of the website, its security, and its stability.



All in all, over the years ever since its inception back in 2003, WordPress has proven to be a great platform. Both for blogging as well as eCommerce, WordPress is now responsible for powering 35% of the internet today. And, given the 4% rise since last year, it is safe to say that it will only continue to rise and there is no stopping it from taking over the majority of the internet in some time.


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    Thanks for sharing the best ways for beginners to promote a WordPress blogging site. A website should also be optimized for voice search in 2020.


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