Can a multilingual website improve SEO ranking?

As you’re sure to know, by utilizing Search Engine Optimization you can help your website improve its ranking on search engine results pages.

But can having a multilingual website improve your SEO ranking? The short answer is: yes, but not always.

As long as you employ the right methods, a website in multiple languages can indeed help your site climb the ranks of search engine results.

Let’s find out more.


The Best Translation Plugins Can Help to Improve Your SEO Ranking

If you use a professional translation service to translate your website into multiple languages, it will take a long time to implement and is sure to be costly.

On the other hand, when you use a website translation plugin, the process of implementing it will be much faster and the cost will be much more affordable.

However, many translation plugins simply stick to the copy of your website and don’t actually help directly with your SEO. That’s because they don’t translate things like tags, alt tags, and metadata, which are so important for good SEO.

The good news is there are some excellent website translation plugins that do translate metadata and on-page SEO elements and enable you to create a subdirectory or subdomain for each translated version of your website.

So, yes, using plugins to create a multilingual website (or even better, pick a multilingual WordPress theme) can help your site climb the rankings of search engine results. But in order to ensure that, you need to find and use the right translation plugins.


With More International Visitors, Your Site Can Achieve a Better Ranking

Whichever methods you use to translate your website’s content, overall, a site in multiple languages can help you to improve your SEO ranking for the simple reason that more people will see your website.

The more visitors and engagement your website gets, the higher it can rank on search engines like Google. That’s because, in simple terms, search engines value user engagement and quality content.

So, as long as you provide content that drives traffic, your site can rank higher. And when you provide your content in various languages, you will be able to drive traffic from different locations all around the world.


Using SEO Strategies, You Can More Precisely Target Specific Regions and Climb Search Engine Results

Knowing which languages to best translate your website’s content into can also help you to improve your SEO rankings.

For instance, in the US, Spanish is spoken by a large percentage of people, so you can reach more visitors and improve your SEO ranking by translating your site into that language.

If your website is primarily targeting European countries, you will want to consider translating your content into the most commonly-used European languages.

Furthermore, once you have identified the languages you will use for your website, you need to perform keyword research for each of those languages.

Basically, you should perform standard keyword and SEO practices as you would for your English language site, for each additional language you use.

With a multilingual approach to your SEO strategy, you ensure users from various locations can find the right version of your website and climb higher up search engine results.


The Takeaway

As long as you employ the right translation methods and remember to use standard SEO strategies for each translated version of your website, you can reach more visitors and improve your SEO ranking.

Begin by researching translation plugins, SEO best practices, the geographical regions you want to target, and the most commonly used languages within those regions. You will then be able to come up with a sound plan of action that will help your website’s SEO ranking to improve.

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