How to Write SEO Friendly Content in 2020

If you want to draw attention to your business, blogging can be a good solution. However, making your blog work effectively can be a difficult task. Quite often, bloggers and site owners quickly get discouraged when they see that their efforts don’t produce the desired results. The truth is that blogging or managing a website isn’t easy. It’s hard work, and if you want your site to attract attention to your business and to fulfill its marketing purpose, you must know how to do everything right.

Before you start to invest your time into blogging, we recommend that you think about some important technical aspects, such as SEO optimization. Thanks to SEO optimization, you can make your content easier to find. SEO optimization also increases the trustworthiness of your content and ultimately leads to a significant increase in the visibility of your brand.

Some aspects of SEO might seem complex at first. However, it will be much easier for you to optimize your website if you understand your audience and its problems that your products or service can solve. If you have a WordPress site, SEO optimization also becomes simpler thanks to numerous plugins. No matter what your blog or website is about, there are some general rules that you should follow.


1. Do Keyword Research

Keywords are always the basis of search engine optimization, regardless of the chosen strategy. Thanks to keywords, search engines can understand what your content is about and what is your niche. In 2020, search intent and semantic search become crucial. To rank higher, you should go beyond product-defining and short-term keywords. Here are some types of keywords you should keep in mind:

  • Vertical keywords are from related niches. They should also be related to your target audience.
  • LSI keywords are niche keywords that help Google better understand your topic.
  • User-generated keywords are used by people who want to find answers to their questions. You can find such keywords on forums and Q&A websites.
  • Exclusive LV keywords are terms and phrases that Google associates with your type of business and the name of your brand.
  • Names of influencers can also be useful if you use them in the right context. They can help grow trust and attract targeted traffic.


2. Use Focus Keywords and Their Logical Variations

Keywords are important, but another important thing about your content is that it should sound natural and look clean. If you try to use the same keywords dozens of times in the same text, your SEO results will only suffer from it. First of all, your content must be engaging and interesting. Therefore, make sure to focus on the meaning of your content and make sure that it actually provides value. When your post is ready, you can start to optimize it for search engines.

The focus keyword must appear at the beginning of your post, and you can also repeat it a few times in the text. To improve the text, add related phrases and synonyms, making your keywords more diverse. Use different related keywords and variations of your focus keyword. This way, you will also make your text easier to understand for search engines.


3. Topical Authority

Your website or blog should be authoritative if you want to get high rankings. First, you should make your content as informative as possible. Therefore, we recommend that you write lengthy posts for your blog. However, it’s not enough to make your posts simply long. You should make sure to cover your topic properly, providing original content that is actually valuable for your audience.

You can increase the authority of your posts if you include relevant research data, visuals, case studies, and expert opinions. As for the length of your content, Google considers lengthy posts more credible because if your content is lengthy, the chances are that you’ve covered your topic properly.


4. Use Internal and External Links

On the one hand, you should aim to cover the topic completely in your post. On the other hand, some details might be not directly related to your topic yet useful for readers. In this case, you can help them learn more by providing links. Both external and internal links are good for any SEO plan you have in mind.

External links demonstrate that you’ve done good research. They also prove that you’re genuinely interested in informing your readers. Besides, they can help improve the rankings of another website because Google takes into account links to determine the authority of a source.

Internal links help readers explore your website. The same goes for Google, since these links help the search engine understand the structure and focus of your website. Internal links also make your visitors stay on the website longer.


5. Use the Focus Keyword Everywhere on the Page

Not only should you include the focus keyword in the content itself, but also in the URL of the page, title, headers, and meta description. Although search engines usually create meta descriptions automatically, you can improve your search results if you customize them and optimize them, adding the right keywords. Research the top ten results from Google to see how many times your competitors use your focus keyword in their content. This will be the minimum number of keywords to use in yours! Just remember not to overdo it, it’s better to find the sweet spot between the number of words and exact-match keywords that doesn’t seem too spammy.


Wrapping Up

SEO is an area that changes all the time. Although backlinks and keywords are not going to disappear, in 2020 content becomes especially important. Therefore, we recommend that you focus on creating high-quality content that provides value. Optimize your content with different keywords and create content that answers your audience’s questions. Google will like your content if users like it. Therefore, we recommend that you follow our simple tips and create content that helps people learn something new.

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