How WordPress Web Development Assists Search Engine Optimization

Those who take the time to meet with app developers will often end up discussing search engine optimization. This is an area that app developers are keenly aware of and the best WordPress web developers are also well versed on the topic. While there are some who may not be aware of the benefits that WordPress has to offer from a search engine optimization standpoint, they are numerous.

In fact, there are several experts who consider WordPress to be the top platform for search engine optimization. App developers will typically recommend WordPress to clients who are looking to get the most out of their web presence. Business owners both large and small stand to benefit greatly.

Now that roughly a third of the Internet is being powered by WordPress, it is time to take a closer look at the search engine optimization advantages. Any business that is not considering search engine optimization while developing strategy is placing themselves in an untenable position going forward.

What makes WordPress such a great outlet for companies looking to expand their online reach? Here are a few answers to these questions:

1. Top Notch Permalinks

When WordPress is used, the company is able to customize their permalinks to include any information that they want. Best of all, these permalinks can be changed on a regular basis. If a business is struggling to lure new browsers, the appropriate changes are made instantly.

Keywords need to be included in the link whenever possible. The prettier the permalink, the more likely the site is to be included in the top tier of organic search results. The click through rate is also affected in a positive manner with the use of the proper permalinks.

2. Metadata Updates

The meta description plays a massive role in the ranking of a website. If they are not added to all of the posts and pages that a site has to offer, the ranking suffers immensely as a result. Click through rates are increased with the proper metadata because the site’s visibility rises.

There are a wide range of plugins designed to increase search engine optimization on WordPress. All the business needs to do is select the one that is best for their personal needs. App developers are able to offer valuable insight to companies that are struggling to choose.

3. Image Optimization

One of the more common mistakes that is made when it comes to search engine optimization has to do with the images that are used. For example, a business may believe that they are helping their cause by including a bunch of eye catching imagery. On the other hand, these images may not be optimized for maximum consumption.

With WordPress, the user is merely two clicks from the images that they need in order to make a name for themselves. Each image comes with an editing option. Just fill in the box that is provided for alternative text and all is well. Images can also be edited to sidestep size related concerns.

4. Creating a Great User Experience

The user experience is one of the most commonly neglected areas of a website and WordPress web development is no different. This is also an area that is regularly discussed by app developers. Keeping visitors engaged is not always as easy as it may seem. Bad user experiences come in a wide variety and are better off being avoided.

After all, a bad user experience is only going to cause the browser to head elsewhere, never to return. Google has an innate understanding of the user experience. A site that is poorly designed, lacking in information and unresponsive on multiple devices will sink like a stone in the organic search engine rankings.

5. Faster Load Times

If the site does not load quickly, the browser is simply going to head to a site that does. A site that loads slowly will cause higher bounce rates, thus leading to lower search engine rankings. WordPress has a variety of themes. This allows a client to choose the theme that best works for their specific needs.

Plugins are also designed with the intention of increasing site speeds. Any WordPress site that is not loading quickly has been designed poorly. There is no reason to have a slow site when using this platform.

6. Optimization For Mobile Devices

Now that the average user is much more likely to make searches from their tablet or smartphone, it is important for clients to meet with app developers and WordPress web developers to learn more. WordPress takes the guesswork out of the equation.

Thanks to their wide range of themes, many sites automatically optimized for mobile devices when they are constructed on the WordPress platform. Customization is also made simple, as the site runner can check out how the site will look on each device being used.

7. Social Media Integration

This is an area that cannot be overlooked. App developers and web developers must both have the proper focus when it comes to social media integration. With the use of WordPress plugins, all of these concerns are addressed before the site even has a chance to go live.

Any site that actively engages an audience on social media is always going to have a higher search engine rank than one that does not. It is not about garnering followers, it is about encouraging the proper level of engagement from the target audience.

The utilization of WordPress is a win/win for all parties involved. Users get to enjoy a site that is crafted with their needs in mind. Businesses reap the benefits associated with customized plugins. This is a top-notch platform for search engine optimization and will continue to be in the years to come.

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