Keywords Strategy & Planning – Dos & Don’ts

Whether you are launching your website or redesigning it, keywords strategy and planning is a vital process to follow. Right keywords strategy and planning will set you apart from the competitors and you have to do it excellently. However, the keywords strategy and planning is a broad practice and you should know about its Dos and Don’ts to ensure you get the best performance for your website.

If you are new to SEO or doing it for a while, we have covered some important dos and don’ts of keyword research to get the best results from them. On this note, let’s have a look at both of these aspects to gain a competitive edge over others.


Do think about your audience

The first thing you need to do is to first figure out the ideal persona of your audience and then get started with the keywords research. Before you dive into SEO tools to get the best and high traffic keywords, first understand your customers’ searching and buying patterns. You can also opt for an SEO packages to perform this task. Once you get the ideal persona, the direction towards optimization becomes clear. Open Google Analytics and see from which country you get the best traffic, how their buying patterns look and so on.


Do focus on your research

The next thing that you have to do is to hone your research skills to bring out the best optimization strategies. Many website owners randomly pick high traffic keywords to start optimizing for them. Start researching the keywords from your competitor’s websites and then sort the keywords based on your website’s DA to ensure you rank on them faster. It will make your research much easier and faster so you don’t have to do most of the things from scratch.


Do consider long tail keywords

Long Tail keywords are a goldmine for websites but many people tend to overlook them as the search volume is low. The best way to pick the long tail keywords is to think from the customers’ perspectives. If you think that your customers might use this keyword to reach your services or products, then go for it. You can use the long tail keywords on main pages, blogs, or even in the FAQ section of your website.

The most significant advantage of covering long-tail keywords is that the competition is lower. Over a period of time, your website will start ranking as the search volume will grow. With the voice search on the verge of disruption, target relevant long-tail keywords to gain a competitive advantage.


Do map keywords with landing pages

Mapping the right keywords with the right landing pages is important as it will help you gain significant traffic in a shorter turnaround time. Many beginners pick the right keywords but they commit mistakes in mapping the keywords with the right pages. Before you start updating the content of the pages, first prepare a mapping strategy as it will give you more clarity over the same. Be it’s service/product or landing page, it’s important that you map them right.


Don’t pick keywords solely looking at traffic

The biggest don’t of this list is to pick the keywords based on traffic and considering no other platform. Traffic is important, but it’s also important to think about the keyword from the customers’ perspective and check whether it’s relevant or not. Before you finalize any, first check how many other competitors are also using the same keyword. Focus on the search intent of the keyword and not only on the sole keyword’s traffic.


Don’t forget about negative keywords

If you are running ads and looking for the ultimate way to optimize your campaign, use the negative keywords feature of Google Ads. Add those keywords on them you don’t want to show in the ads. Google won’t show your ads on those keywords and save you money. It’s among the best ways to save both time, and money while running ads and optimizing the entire campaign.


Don’t ignore competitor’s ads

Along with your ad campaigns, also keep an eye on what keywords your competitors are bidding on. It will give you an idea about trending keywords. There are several tools like SpyFu available that help you sneak a peek into your competitors’ ads strategy. You can improvise based on your findings and double your profits.

It will help you know about keywords that are less expensive and can bring higher results for your campaigns. Along with this, also don’t bid on too expensive keywords even if you have the budget if you are into E-Commerce. It’s because the overall cost per acquisition will increase in the long run.


Thanks to the above knowledge, you will be able to improve the SEO of any business, whether it be a popular website like 22Bet online or a small marketplace.


Final thoughts

Keep these tips in mind while preparing keywords planning and strategy to gain an edge over the competitors. Keyword research and planning is a vital part and it’s better to get started only when you’ve done the complete research.

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